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Warranty after root/unlock ?

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Elizeth Cabiao

New member
Jul 7, 2018
Xiaomi Redmi 4a

Im Tryna root my REDMI 4A. But im really scared if it is going to void my warranty
because i still hack 7 months till my warranty expires.
can't wait that long Thanks!

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    Xiaomi just like onePlus supports rooting....
    So don't worry...
    You can always get back your warranty by Just flashing the global stable ROM...
    Also all the features will work after unlocking bootloader...
    Do remember that it's you who is willing to make the changes and I'm not responsible if anything goes wrong...
    Avoid rooting if you don't have adequate knowledge... ;)
    Hi guys, quick question here.
    I have bought a Redmi Note 4 , 32gb/3gb Snapdragon one.
    I have these questions.
    How is warranty affected after rooting our device ?
    How is warranty affected by uunlocking the bootloader ?
    What features won't work after unlocking the bootloader ?
    What to keep in mind, to avoid problms in future , would xiaomi service centres be of any help ?

    Thank you. Please answer separately for each question.
    You mean that will get warranty after unlocking bootloader.
    Ye, you still have the warranty but if something goes wrong , you need to flash the stock rom before going to the service center.
    You mean that will get warranty after unlocking bootloader.
    Just flash global stable ROM and poof..
    That's it :)