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Question Watch Face Studio - can't connect (Galaxy Watch 4 LTE)

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Senior Member
Oct 27, 2013
I need help, my smartwatch is connected to the same wifi as my computer but when I enable ADB debugging, nothing happened... it doesn't show the ADB Wifi. Does the problem come from my wifi? Or shall is my Galaxy Watch 4 already broken?
What do you mean, 'doesn't show the ADB Wifi'? Doesn't even show up as an option?

Mini Jay

Senior Member
May 26, 2017
Samsung Galaxy Watch
What do you mean, 'doesn't show the ADB Wifi'? Doesn't even show up as an option?
Well before I reset my Galaxy Watch 4 I successfully have access to Wifi IP. I went to Developer Mode then enable ADB debugging and then below ADB debugging I could see the Wifi IP that I need if I wanna run some adb command from my computer.

Then for some reason I reset my Galaxy Watch 4 and at the moment I enable ADB debugging, nothing shows up. I check several times if the smartwatch and computer are connected to the same network and yes they are.

It's driving me nuts really


New member
May 10, 2019
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
Hi, the issue resides in the ADB version part of WFS, this is an older one. on Windows I replaced the files adb.exe, AdbWinApi.dll, AdbWinUsbApi.dll in the folder C:\Users\%%USER%%\AppData\Local\Programs\WatchFaceStudio\tools\window (Replace use rwith the current user name) restarted WFS and it is working correctly.

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    Try temporarily turning off your firewall to connect.
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    Hi everybody !
    I had the same problem with the connexion of my Galaxy Watch 4 and I find THE solution.

    You can easily resolve this problem with these steps:
    - Activate developper mode in your Watch 4 : Settings / About and click 7 times on build number
    - Check these following options on the Watch 4 : "ADB debug" and "WiFi debug" (you have to be connected to the same wifi network on your smartwatch AND your computer)
    - Install Android Studio here
    - Open a new project on the app and go to File / Settings / System settings / Android SDK and check Android 11 for installation
    - Then, open the Terminal (Alt + F12 or in the Search bar) and enter these lines :
    1/ cd C:\Users\"NameOfYourPC\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\platform-tools
    2/ adb connect 192.168.1.X:5555 (you can verify the IP address of your Watch 4 in General / WiFi)
    After all of these steps, and if you are lucky :) , you should see appear the open dialog on your Watch 4 "Allow debbuging".

    If my explanations are not clear, you can watch this video tutorial on Youtube

    PS : Sorry for my bad language :p
    Isn't it for Tizen only, I was looking the other day and read something about it..
    Watch Face Studio is a graphic authoring tool that enables you to create watch faces for the Wear OS smartwatch ecosystem. This includes watches like the Galaxy Watch4, which runs Wear OS Powered by Samsung.

    I've also build the app and created a apks, extracted the apk and installed it to watch (using adb). But that's a lot of steps and work to test a change :)
    I wrote a tutorial explaining how i connected Watch Face studio with my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 here.
    Hope it helped.
    Try temporarily turning off your firewall to connect.