Watch faces made with Gear Watch Designer

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Oct 19, 2007
Just google "watchland"

here are a lot of watchfaces as gwd. I downloaded a couple and used them with the Galaxy Watchface Designer. It is a good start for creating own watchfaces.



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Feb 13, 2020
Here I am again, let me know if it is too much :)
A new release... This time a colourful one, with the option of changing 10 different backgrounds with a double tap!
As usual, free in Samsung market

Hello to all
sorry for my bad english but I need your help. I can't understand how to make small buttons to change the background, index etc.
the first image of SergioA (pag 44) indicates the small area where to double tap to change the background. can you tell me please how to do this? thank you


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Nov 26, 2015
@erickh that S3 clock face with the train on it, and the window with the gears, do the gears move??? I'm looking to make something like the watchface on the apple iPod nano with the rotating gears behind a small circular view hole at the top, like shown here...
If that picture link don't work, considering I suck at that stuff, then this is the post it's in...

Want to make something that looks exactly like that, but actually round, of course, and with a few smartwatch features, such as a small customizable battery looking bar, and/or battery% as well as a built in digital clock or something, and a mechanical date calendar wheel thing... Would steps on the watch face be possible too??? I'm excited to get my new to me, but used, galaxy S3 and want to do some work on a clock face, possibly, unless one exactly like that already exists???

NVM... Found one that's close enough, here...

Will need a lot of editing to do what I want though...
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Aug 23, 2015
Watch studio

Hey People!
Anybody show me the simple way how to transfer watch face from PC to watch.
Thank you

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