How To Guide Watch4 ADB Commands - Disable/Enable/Uninstall/Restore system app, Install/pull Apps

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Feb 4, 2013
The uninstall command removes app for active user but doesn't remove it from system, so the watchface is still there, Samsung is rolling out watch4 update and the watch5 watchfaces for the watch4, check for watch updates from time to time

It's not the apk or Samsung pay, it's the watch CSC, in other words, region, and there is no safe way of changing it as far as I know...

You can create a new thread asking for help, a lot will see your question that way, in here, it's less likely to be seen...
Thank you, have just got the update!
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Oct 30, 2015
Did the first one, they updated the watch 2 times to latest one but csc isn't changing, I asked them what's the further course of action, service center people were clueless I asked for a replacement if nothing works. Let's see I'll update if any thing works on changing the csc or we need to change the whole watch for it to work.
Update: Got the motherboard replaced saying lte calls are dropping and unfrequent switching off of watch with full charge(both are fine) so service had no other option but to replace the motherboard, now it's back to Normal updated to One UI 4.5. Better use the above reasons if you also need a replacement since sc people have required tools for a software update, so they will update your watch over jig and give it back, there will be no ota's until the csc is changed which isn't happening as of now.
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    Hello Everyone,
    I hope you all are good,
    So I see some on you wondering about how to uninstall, reinstall, install, pull, enable and disable apps for the watch, so I decided to make this thread to address these different scenarios, this is based on test of users, if there is any incorrect command, let me know and I will update the thread...

    Requirements: ADB (to execute adb commands)...

    ~~~ Enabling Watch4 ADB ~~~

    The first thing you need to do is enable the watch developer mode by going into watch settings then about and tap the version many times till it says switched on, inside developer mode enable ADB, it will enable ADB Wi-Fi, if it doesn't, enable then go to Wi-Fi and make sure that Wi-Fi is connected to the same network of the PC, head back to developer mode and you will see under ADB Wi-Fi IP address...

    ~~~ Running ADB & Connecting to the Watch4 ~~~

    Watch is ready for some ADB action and adventure lol, on pc start PowerShell or CMD inside ADB folder by holding down SHIFT and right clicking on empty area:
    or if you have cmd-here.exe, run it...

    type the following:
    adb connect <IP>
    (if it's your first time, check your watch for RSA authentication and allow the PC to connect)
    Now here is the list of scenarios...

    ~~~ Scenario 1: Installing Apps ~~~
    Place the apk in adb folder then type:
    adb -s <IP> install <apk-name>.apk
    once you are done disconnect:
    adb disconnect

    ~~~ Scenario 2: Uninstalling System Apps ~~~
    Be very careful, don't uninstall vital system apps, uninstall apps that you see on the watch home screen drawer or watch widgets...
    Enter Shell mode typing:
    adb shell
    then type:
    pm list packages
    Find the packages you want to remove then type for each package
    pm uninstall -k --user 0 <package-name-to-uninstall>
    once you are done exit and disconnect:
    adb disconnect

    ~~~ Scenario 3: Disabling/Enabling System Apps ~~~
    Enter Shell mode typing:
    adb shell
    then type:
    pm list packages
    Find the packages you want to:

    • Disable then type for each package
    pm disable-user --user 0 <package-name-to-disable>
    • Enable then type for each package
    pm enable --user 0 <package-name-to-enable>
    once you are done exit and disconnect:
    adb disconnect

    ~~~ Scenario 4: Reinstalling/Restoring System Apps ~~~
    Enter Shell mode typing:
    adb shell
    Find the package you want to restore (thanks to @adfree)











    type to restore
    pm install-existing <package-name-to-reinstall>
    once you are done exit and disconnect:
    adb disconnect

    ~~~ Scenario 5: Pulling Apps ~~~
    Enter Shell mode typing:
    adb shell
    then type
    pm list packages
    Find the package of interest then type
    pm path <package-name>
    this returns the path of the apk package location, exit shell
    now pull it typing:
    adb pull <path-to-apk-package> <package-name>.apk
    you have pulled the apk into the adb folder...

    ~~~ End of Scenarios ~~~
    I have one thing to say, sorry for the caps in advance, but I got to do it
    otherwise it will drain your watch battery...
    ~~~ Don't forget to ~~~
    Don't forget to smash the (y)THANKS (y)
    PS. if you are super happy and want to thank me, It is highly appreciated if you'd consider supporting me through my Patreon Page ❤️ 😊

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    agrred, but its hard to find gapps for wear os

    Do you think there a way to found them on or extract them ?
    Here's a dump of every APK on my GW4, even the non-system apps(why not?).

    Keep in mind, some of the apps are now split-apks. I've made those apps individual folders, and you'll need to cd into them and then use adb install-multiple base.apk split1.apk split2.apk etc, in order to install those apps. (I hope somebody ports SAI to Wear OS soon....)
    Ok, so I disabled Bixby agent+wakeup yesterday (instead of uninstalling like before...) and no problems since. I can use all the other functions just fine, and GPS/WiFi toggle as expected. All good.
    someone tried to install google assistant via adb?
    Can´t find an apk and have no other watch to extract it -.-
    When I get my watch and see that I have it, I will pull and upload it for you...
    I apologise for dumb question: i always wanted to play with adb (for uninstalling and disabling apps) on my phones...but i didn't have the guts or knowledge. Can i use this guide (to the letter) to do it on my phone?
    Including using the minimal adb zip you provided?
    I intend to uninstall stuff when my fold3 and watch 4 classic lte arrive
    No question is dumb and yes you can use the guide as a reference, just keep in mind that packages of phone are different than the watch, also, on the phone you can disable system apps but you can't uninstall them like the watch (as far as I know) and finally, no need to do adb install on the phone because it's a direct install...

    Unless when you said use it on the phone as in execute adb commands on the phone for the watch, yes it will work too...
    There is an error for enabling package: pm enable-user --user 0 <package-name-to-disable> should be : pm enable --user 0 <package-name-to-disable>