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Question Watch4 Classic update today (Sept. 11)?

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Jul 10, 2008
Just got the update in Greece as well. Gmail and WhatsApp notifications were working before though; fingers crossed for better battery 😂


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May 12, 2010
Has anyone in the US with a Watch 4 LTE received either the U1BUI5 Sept 1 Security update or the U1CUID which was supposedly released yesterday 09/29?
I received the U1CUID update today. I checked and it was available. In US and Bluetooth Classic 46mm version. Update was 101.33 MB.


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Jul 18, 2006
New York
Today 10/06 in NYC I finally got the U1BUI5 firmware update for my AT&T LTE Watch 4 Classic. Has anyone noticed any specific improvements? I was hoping that this update would've fixed the issue with Wear OS on the Watch 4 with the "Lefty" app. (Lefty turns the watch UI 180 degrees for left handed users, but it's not working on the Watch 4) I was also hoping to get "new" additional Watch Faces in the Galaxy Wearable App that have been reported in other geographical areas. I guess now the wait for U1CUID begins.

I also got firmware update U0AUI5 for my Galaxy Buds 2.
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