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Jun 16, 2009
Huawei Watch
First watchfaces.

Happy pride month!


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Dec 12, 2010
Dual Watch Face by me

*edit change day n night pic


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Jul 23, 2016


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    Someone said that it uses a lot of battery. Do you know if that's true?
    Upload to watch, and test ;)

    Face is ussing dimmer (bottom of screen).
    Dimmer is actually stopwatch but without rotary hands, only image set. You can find some faces using this even in Huawei Health face store. They have "bulp" icon on watchface.

    Stopwatch mean that if it is started, it measure time until is paused or stopped. I'm pretty sure that 100% files comes from other peoples than me only pause stopwatch when dimm is on.

    My G-SHOCK using stopwatch too, when dimm is off stopwatch is counting. That can make baterry drain a bit bigger. A bit, because it is only measure, not generating seconds hand in 2-5 FPS. So.... Yes, my face will drain battery a little bit faster than simple faces, will drain battery less than bulp faces from store, and of course less than animated faces, even if animation is 10x10 pixels.

    The other thing is, dimmer option on.
    I'm not pausing stopwatch, i'm reseting it to zero. So function is but it is fully disabled. Other thing is that screen is darker, so baterry comsumption is way less than 90% faces even created... Take in mind, that screen type in huawei watches hightlight bright pixels, not hinglight black. You can make white background and black digits/hands, and test battery consumption ;)

    About touch zones and switchable widgets, ammount of graphics... It is nothing, RAM memory is powered anyway, if face has 200kB or 2MB. Watch display only active widgets, other are not hidden anywhere, but disabled. It is the same as custom widgets changeable via gear menu, you selecting widgets and only them are enabled in time. Only way of changing is another, you dont need to go into watchface option in watch, select widget that you want. You simply touch watch screen.

    For me? I had 22% of battery 48 hours ago, 11% 24 hours ago, and 6% now.

    Take in care, than people are touching and testing this face, this is not as any next and next and next new face that you install and take your whirst up to see time, 2-4 times in one hour in whole all day ;)

    Also, i'm not telling that you MUST use my watchfaces. You don't need to. But till now I like to create them, making them as good as I can. ;) Of course, I can also create for small closed group from my country, or only for myself. Will be even easier ;) I dont earn cash on them. So use as is, or not use, love or hate, dont complain until you have it for free. ;)

    PS: You may know or not, but if not me and my faces, you will still be not able to create stable (non changeable) shortcuts on watchface without gear icon. This was created by me and then implemented in FM with my help. The same about Face Maker smart mode. Created by me, implemented by Nuno Bessa, copied by Huawei into Theme Studio. Now FM support also stopwatch (also first working config was created by me). Maybe this new touch widgets also will be implemented. For now i am still first, and only I can make faces with this function. Latest one is week day name multilanguage widget...

    PS: Cofirmed that face works on Honor Magic Watch 2. But need to change face version from 2.8 to 2.7 in description.xml (inside .hwt). Sunset/rise moonset/rise not visible, not supported by watch firmware - seems that honor abandoned it.



    can you translate this to english for gt 2

    thank you
    I'm not sgoo, I hope you like it anyway. Rename zip to hwt.
    I'm not sgoo, I hope you like it anyway. Rename zip to hwt.
    View attachment 5624921
    Thanks bro (y)
    Dear tramjens, can you please reverse min and max temperature and also make it for GT3?
    Thank you!
    Try this one and give me feedback, can't test it I don't have a GT3.

    remove .zip from filename ;)
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    Here is the watchface collection

    Tutorial how to instal a custom watch faces: Youtube link