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Water Damage on my Pixel 4a

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Digital DJ

Senior Member
Nov 16, 2012
Google Pixel 2 XL
Google Pixel 4
So I didn't get the insurance for my wife's Pixel 4a and it (and my Pixel 4) were submerged in water at Busch Gardens for about 5 minutes at about 3 feet deep. My Pixel 4 works fine and hers is dead. They were both in a plastic "protective" phone bag that was fully sealed. Somehow water got inside the bag, maybe a tiny pinhole I couldn't see. It's currently sitting in a bowl of rice as I don't have any silica gels at the moment. It's been in rice for over 12 hours but still won't start and I can still see condensation inside the camera lenses. She is currently using my old Pixel 2XL so we're good there. I am hoping I can bring this back to life. Any ideas?


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May 14, 2015
Hardly would you be able to sort that out. I have managed to get mine out with rice but that was before the damage became irreversible which is your case I guess.


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Jun 23, 2020
Forget the rice... voodoo would work better.
You need to take off the rear cover asap and disconnect the battery to avoid permanent damage.
The clock is ticking Mr Wick... tic-tok...

Use anhydrous isopropyl alcohol* to absorb the water. Flush liberally but make it fast. Displace as much as the alcohol as fast as possible next.
Low pressure (10-15 psi) compressed clean air can be used. Best done in a dry room to prevent condensation. Remove as much as possible.

Allow to dry in a warm dry room with a fan on it for at least 2 days before connecting the battery.
You could forego the isopropyl alcohol and just use this last step extended to a week but no water can remain. I reccomend using the isopropyl for large amounts of water. The BGA chipsets have their contacts under them, these must be 100% dry... you can't visually inspect them. All switches and micro connectors must be dry. No water at all in the phone when done.

Next time double bag in zip lock freezer bags... better yet, don't bring phones.

* it is flammable... don't get stupid. Take care not to get it in between the display and glass if this possible to do as it would leave a residue.
Use your best judgment.