water damaged screen, backing data from ZTE blade A7 prime

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Dec 16, 2015
Hello, my wife left her phone in the rain and despite cleaning and drying, I have a non responsive screen. The screen was acting erratically and I could not get her passcode in. I opened the back to gain access to the hardware and I know how to turn it off (remove the battery connector). I also know how to unpower the display etc.
The phone is NOT in USB debugging mode and I cannot get the phone to boot in recovery mode (I tried everything power and - and power and +). I would like to get the data out to the phone.
I think this phone does not have OTG so I cannot get a mouse to control the screen. I now have the connect to mobile network blue screen instead of having the passcode screen. See pics attached. when plugged to a usb computer port, I can see the device, but i cannot access the data.