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May 7, 2006

I really like Sky Widget of jsharkey, unfortunatly, It doesn't works ouside from US.
I modified it from available sources to support Google Weather Internationnal and different language.

Free/unlocked versions : original code comes from jeffrey sharkey, it was distributed under Apache licence. This licence allow developers to use code for commercial or non commercial use (such as WebSphere based on Apache). I worked A LOT on this widget more than 300h. This is the reason why i fell free to create this new distribution.

Since v2.0.0, free version limitations are no skins, no geolocation refresh, and no manual update. So, you have to pay 0.99€ (on market) to get access to those functions.

For people having trouble to buy this app on Google Market, or simply people who doesn't have access to pay market, I have published my applications on SlideMe market :
**Mod edit - link removed**

This widget is designed for Android Cupcake (1.5) and upper versions.

I have opened a blog for main access point for people wanting informations about the widget :

If you want informations about skins or new skins, go here :

How to check is alarm is programmed for scheduled auto update : adb shell dumpsys alarm

Knows bugs :
- bug found on "query loop" with "unknow" location in ForecastProvider. Not reproductible.
- In Japanese, set encode to SJIS
+ check text lenght for calendar informations
+++ crash sometime when launching skin manager -> apply listview patch !
++++ fix behold 2 calendar prolem

Work in progress :
+++ CAL : on calendar update obeserver
+++ CAL : add exchange Calendar
+++ allow hot/cold icons

+++ Am/pm for update time
+++ : improve safe mode explaination
+++ CAL : add option to show forecast condition as event for each day
+++ CAL : add option to show multi day events on each day
++ have a look to 1x1 text position, align with normal icons text if possible
+ add "remove all skins from SD card" in skin options menu
+ add configurable link to different weather providers web page for more details (wind, humidity, 15days ...)
+ add nigth icons to htc skin
+ get encoding from HTTP header
+ split configuration panel
+ add option to schedule update for nights icons
+ enable weather underground provider (if weather underground agree that)
+ "download complet" alert
+ CAL : color options
+ CAL : improve days strings for different countries (ask me to update format for your country)
+ CAL : make it working with googleapps account.
+ CAL : option for 2 lines per event
+ CAL : option for time/date string format
+ CAL : option blending days without forecast
+ calculate day/night time
+ add info about tapping on upper/lower part of calendar widget

Ideas trash :
- CAL : update on calandar events added/deleted
>>>> not possible with current API
- add better full size background skins support in landscape...
>>>> everybody doesn't care about landscape view. And it will add a lot of code to manage it.
- make a full unlocked app (and not a unlock key), to avoid keeping 2 softwares.
>>>> too complicated to split identical code to 2 different application since Android market use package name as ID
- try to animate widget (not details panel, but widget on desktop)
>>>> difficult and nobody asked for it

Screenshots :




Versions history :
2.5.2: fix some icons issues
2.5.1: bypass Google weather servers issue
2.5.0: fix few icons + add few traces to found missing icons
2.4.9: fix HTC Sprint Hero/Eris bug
2.4.8: fix "flurries" icon
2.4.7: information page updated
2.4.6 :calendar application choice (for Moto, and HTC Sense)
245 : fix droid layout problems + better layouts for Archos + fix bug with skin manager crash
244 : add Noaa current weather informations
243 : fix layouts for Moto Droid + improve search by city name for Archos devices + invert font style for calendars + bug fix for calendar selection + bug fix with calendar such as fbcal + fix reboot skin bug with Android 1.6 & 2.0
242 : bug fix : skin boot problem with sdcard not ready
241 : add 4x4 size
240 : fix events problems + new text colors
238 : new recurrent event management (still not full manage recurent events) + new 4x3 layout (with cal) + new link in details panel
237 : add a "safe update" mode for problematic phones + activate day forecast temp option + new 4x2 layout (more balacend)
236 : fix icons + fix calendars sorting bug + fix calendars selector (now scrollable) + icons to details panel option menu
234 : fix day 2/3/4 duration problems
233 : fix multiday events problems
232 : sort events by date
231 : random bug on configuration panel openning for 4x2 layout in free version
230b5 : add language/tempUnit autoselection from locale + improve 4x2 landscape layout + lock 4x2 calendar layout for free version + can reconfigure or request update in landscape
230b4 : multiple calendars selection fully managed + new date strings + option to show event duration + option for 24h format + manage 2 widget clicking positions (upper part = forecast details / lower part = agenda shortcut)
230b3 : start working on multiple calendars selection and colors (currently not working) + new dirty landscape for 4x2 + new date strings
230b2 : link to google calendar for widget events clicks + improve days strings
230b1 : skin manager manage server/sd versions + new 4x2 layout with calendar + full spanish translation (thanks to treoking/XDA)

--> older revision log in post 3
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May 7, 2006
old revision log :
223 : fix few update problems + fix night animations bug + modified landscape size for 2x2 layout + options menu added in details panel to go to skin manager directly + fade in animation for fixed skins + fix invalid date on first update + externalize ALL strings to prepare spanish translation.
222 : animation demo mode + vibrate on buttons push in details panel + weather underground provider added but not activated + change NA icon management (no "no icon in skin" for google server problem, just an '?') + delay timeout rearm from details panel (less animations lags) + full screen skins support (portrait)
221 : correct bug in french version
220 : text color choice + secure autoupdate process + current wind/humidity + new details panel layout + skin download progress indicator + fix location autorefresh bug + fix layout problem for "1x2" and "1x2 full day" + clean big default icons (128x128) + support animated theme
215 : additionnal layout for 1x2 + search background skins on sdcard (skins for creators)
214 : configurable day/night time + add configurable main icon for day or current weather + new 1x2 layout + options to show/hide widget elements + skinable background
213 : correct update bug + correct bakcup geocoder bug
212 : add warning on refresh button on free version & about noaa current temperature
211 : correct major 'forece close' bug of 2.0.9
209 : new skin manager finished (ouffff .... big work ...)
208 : add "processing" boxes during downloads (not all downloads, will be fixed).
207 : new skin manager (download skin list from internet, can install/remove skins) + 1x1 landscape widget correction.
206 : hide skins images from gallery (rename /sdcard/org.koxx.forecast_weather/ to /sdcard/.org.koxx.forecast_weather/)
206b2 : another provider added Noaa (for US only, and without current temp) + correct multiple japanese bug (strange google server behaviour with japan !!!)
205 official : add "chinese/mainland" encoding. code cleaning.
205 beta2 : backup GeoCoder server use notified with an asterisk
205 beta : japan correction + backup GeoCoder server added !
204 : bug correction on skin selection
203 : new icons (thanks lluis), first INTEGRATED SKIN DOWNLOADER !
202 : correct reconfiguration bug for location type, change icon (thanks to Lluis Llobera)
201 : new icon, add swedish lang, correct reconfiguration of language
200 : add 2x2 / 4 days view, remove time limit for free version (limitation = no skins, no geolocation refresh)
140 : temperature unit selection independant from language
138 : correct major bug from 1.3.7
137 : show reload arrow when update + new configuration panel
136 : new buttons in details panel + correction for "manual update only"
133 : correct bugs : location update bug, tiny update layout, skin in details panel / interface simplification start
132 : add faster update in case of update failure (period / 5 with minimum of 10 minutes)
131 : hide "buy" banner for registered users, new icon for update problem
130 : major update (add day/nigh icons for skins, improve large widget layout in portrait, add download link for skins, show remaning time before next update, show date & time of last update). This version is now free for 3 days. The unlocker app is available on the market for 0.99€.
122 : package & application name changed
115 : bugs corrections
113 : reconfiguration possible ! (click on weather informations in details panel)
112 : skin selector
111 : signed, skin selector.
110 : signed Market release ! big day !
104 : add skin support on sdcard !!!
103b2 : improve update mecanism (tested during 1 day without googlemaps ou locale location request) / full transalation in french / add update filure indicator on medium & large views (an "*" will be show in the upper righ corner of widget to show update failure)
103b1 : improve auto refreshed location update and bug correction.
102 = b21 : add auto refreshed location !
b20 : corection for details bug
b19 : manual update possibility (to request it : go in forecast details, and click on title of window) + use a "0h" period to disable autoupdate.
b18 : correct encoding bug (maybe partial pb with °F), thanks biAji !!!
b17 : current temp in all widget
b16 : correct tiny temp bug
b15 : correct large widget bug in landscape
b14 : bug in details after multiple updates + real current temp in large view + icon/weather corrections
b13 : improved large view
b12 : add new "large view" with 4 icons for 4 days forecast + temp unit in details
b11 : add update interval in configuration + start large version
b10 : icon change
b9 : replace some icons for rain/shower + new icon for icy
b8 : add haze/mist icon
b7 : add encoding configuration
b6 : correct accents problem (tried with french and finland)
b5 : correct tiny version icon & temp
b4 : fix details click crash
b3 : ?
b2 : ?
b1 : port from weather.gouv to google weather
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Oct 29, 2007
Nice work. Would it be possible to add an option for showing temp in celcius? Also, I've run into a reproduceable bug.

1) Add widget (not small one) with location "London" and lang en.
2) Save and wait for info to load
3) Click the widget
4) Click one of the days on the pop up menu (might need to do it more then once)

Crashes with the following exception:

I/ActivityManager( 64): Displayed activity 830 ms
D/AndroidRuntime( 950): Shutting down VM
W/dalvikvm( 950): threadid=3: thread exiting with uncaught exception (group=0x4000fe70)
E/AndroidRuntime( 950): Uncaught handler: thread main exiting due to uncaught exception
E/AndroidRuntime( 950): java.lang.NullPointerException: uriString
E/AndroidRuntime( 950): at$StringUri.<init>(
E/AndroidRuntime( 950): at$StringUri.<init>(
E/AndroidRuntime( 950): at
E/AndroidRuntime( 950): at
E/AndroidRuntime( 950): at android.widget.AdapterView.performItemClick(
E/AndroidRuntime( 950): at android.widget.ListView.performItemClick(
E/AndroidRuntime( 950): at android.widget.AbsListView$
E/AndroidRuntime( 950): at android.os.Handler.handleCallback(
E/AndroidRuntime( 950): at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
E/AndroidRuntime( 950): at android.os.Looper.loop(
E/AndroidRuntime( 950): at
E/AndroidRuntime( 950): at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method)
E/AndroidRuntime( 950): at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
E/AndroidRuntime( 950): at$
E/AndroidRuntime( 950): at
E/AndroidRuntime( 950): at dalvik.system.NativeStart.main(Native Method)

If the modified source is made available, I'd be happy to patch it for showing temp in different formats and to fix the exception.
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May 7, 2006
Nice work. Would it be possible to add an option for showing temp in celcius? Also, I've run into a reproduceable bug.

1) Add widget (not small one) with location "London" and lang en.
2) Save and wait for info to load
3) Click the widget
4) Click one of the days on the pop up menu (might need to do it more then once)

Crashes with the following exception:

If the modified source is made available, I'd be happy to patch it for showing temp in different formats and to fix the exception.

I know ;)

it was what I mean by "Knows regressions : - no many details from details panel" in my first post.
I think, I'll have to remove the "click" possibility in this menu (I don't have any url with more weather details at this time).

you just have to found the good "language" I think.
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Oct 28, 2007
iirc, the weather widget doesn't give current temp, but the day's highs and lows. updating every hour wouldn't help much.

I know but the backgound images change & it would be nice to look at my phone at say 9pm & not see a big sun in the backgound & it still says mostly sunny when its darker than batmans cape outside


Nov 28, 2008
FWIW this seems not to work with jf-adp1.5

[e] i was wrong! sorry.. it was force closing previously when i clicked on it in widget selection. but then i tried it again after some time (i think there was a reboot inbetween) it worked :)
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May 7, 2006
update (b04)

modification : protection avoid details clicking/exception
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Mar 29, 2008
I'd like to know how to install the .apk file i have please. can anyone let me know?


Nov 24, 2008
A choice for ℃ display in both size is required.
the tiny one can display ℃.
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    This app is great and keeps getting better with the updates.

    I usually run 2 of the widgets in 2x1 format for my current city and home town :)