Weather not working on GWA2

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Apr 8, 2017
Hey all,
I've recently gotten the Galaxy Watch Active 2, and already gotten around to changing the region to KOO. Now have the latest Tizen 5.
However, I'm having issues with a few things. Most importantly, the Weather app on the watch wants me to add a location, so I click "add", and it tells me to add it on my phone. And on my phone, it sends me to the Weather app settings within the Wearable app, and I get a toast notification saying "Couldn't add location. Connect to a network and try again.". Same happens when I tap on "locations" in the settings manually.
I don't have a Samsung phone, so I have no dedicated Samsung Weather app. Could that be the issue? Or what's the problem?

P.S. the same issue was there on Tizen 4, so it's not a Tizen 5 bug
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