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Wechat crazy security hack titanium backup [Root]

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Oct 3, 2014
Well, wechat has always been a problem for me since I change ROM, device many times, sometimes even with a clean flash of the same ROM, or just a reset.

I always have a nandroid backup and a titanium backup, unless I am faced with a bootloop issue and lose system partition. ( I still recover my data partition)

I successfully restore the backup of Wechat, it copies everything and works(as long as I don't turn on my wifi.)

Problem starts after I turn on the wifi.
The great Wechat security feature will ask to verify the identity, which is good until you have a phone number attached to it. but bad if you have lost it, or you are out of coverage area. cause then you can't login, cause you also can't scan the QR code from the previously logged in device and have just one friend or 2 who can't verify it for you as well, even when it's the same device, running the same ROM.

So What changed? perhaps android ID.

So I tried to change the android id from my previous logged in backup. but sadly my nandroid had no database stored in the data/data/com.android.providers.setting folder

so I looked further and got the old android id from my data\com.whatsapp\shared_prefs\com.google.android.gms.measurement.prefs.xml file

I then changed my android id with the same old id, reset app data again for wechat, restored data. but still it doesn't recognize the device with the same ROM, same MAC id, same android id.

I then found that wechat also stores google aid(advertisement id) which also gets changed after a reset or flashing again.

sadly I still haven't found a way to modify it with my previous id, although I can see it in my wechat data backup folder in the file

yes, you can easily reset it, but I need to modify it in order to test if this can let me bypass the identify security thing.
I don't know what else to suspect other than these 2 ids after a ROM reset.

Well you can change/modify the google aid as well
google.android.gms/shared_prefs adid_settings.xml

it still didn't worked for me. what else am I missing to make this work? No other app has such crazy security that locks it's own owner.

I really wished they had an email verification for identity verification as well. anyways, I am out of ideas now, if anyone can contribute to this post, it would be appreciated.
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