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weird bootloop

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Senior Member
Feb 3, 2018
I flashed a custom kernel recently on my phone that's compatible with Android 10 roms. After the reboot all seemed fine. I waited 30 minutes just like for any other custom kernel then I turned my screen on, the substratum theme I was using wasn't applied then my phone randomly reboot so I let it do so. After the reboot I turned it on immediately and it randomly reboot a few seconds later so I force reboot to recovery to reflash the kernel. It didn't work and now I'm stuck in bootloop so I prepared my phone for a clean flash and did so. After the clean flash Havoc booted up into setup wizard then about a minute into the setup my phone rebooted again(soft reboot) and it rebooted into the setup wizard with the progress from before already done. I gave it about an hour and it kept doing the same thing over and over again so I clean flashed a different rom this time thinking it would fix the issue but the same thing still happens, it's still happening till now and I can't think of any way to fix this
I flashed a custom kernel and I'm stuck with a weird kind of bootloop where it does boot but then restarts a minute later over and over
is there any way to fix this? And if so if I need to flash the fastboot rom can I do it without losing twrp and stuff so I can reinstall my cusrom?