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weird charging problem on Galaxy Note 20 5g SAM-N981B

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New member
Oct 2, 2020
It has been a few days that i have faced a weird problem with my phone.
My phone suddenly stopped charging with fast chargers and only works with super fast chargers.
When connected to any charger other than super fast charger, the charge drops instead of rising. When i connect a super fast charger, it charges fine. But sometimes gets 95% and some times gets 100%. If i reconnect the superfast charger, the phone wont even show charging. Must switch to normal charger or wireless charger and switch back to super fast charger in order for it to work.
Being on or off does not affect the results.

Wireless charging works fine.
Due to the conflicting results, I can not guess the cause of the problem.
Whether the problem is from the battery, Main board, charging socket, or software or malware, i cant figure it out.
Any suggestions?


Recognized Contributor
Best I can suggest is clean your type c port with a sewing needle. These ports get trash in them everyday very easily then packed in.
The bottoms of these ports are metal not plastic. Shiny silver metal. If it's dark black or anything other. Its dirty and your cord is not being inserted all the way due to the trash compacted in. I have seen this on a regular basis and 9 out of 10 times this is the cause