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Weird GPRS problem ???

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Senior Member
Apr 7, 2004
I seem to have developed a rather strange GPRS problem - hoping someone can shed some light on it !

Had an O2 branded XDA Mini (aka Wizard) for a few months now - all has been working well, push email via Mail2web, and SPB Weather also - both receiving regular updates over GPRS.

A couple of weeks ago O2 decided to send me a new sim - turns out it was a 3G sim (kept the same number / tariff / services etc) and then the problems started :(

Oh yeah before anyone says anything - I know the XDA Mini is not a 3G handset, but the sim works just fine on 2.5g (GSM).

All of a sudden my email wasn't being pushed to my handset, a quick check with Mail2web confirms all ok at their end .... then I noticed that SPB weather wasn't updating automatically either. Note if I actioned a manual update then it would update (thus proving that GPRS is still functional).

O2 states they have removed no services etc ....

So any idea's ? Why would the 'automatic' updates of both these programs suddenly stop - though work perfectly well manually ? I have removed both programs - soft reset - then re-installed but to no avail :(