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Question Weird scrolling behavior / inconsistent scrolling acceleration moddable?

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Oct 15, 2014
OnePlus 8T
I "solved" the issue on my 8T by flashing xXx nolimits and making sure that TweaksMasterSelector was enabled. There's more stuttering but the speed is way faster.

Nov 9, 2019
I "solved" the issue on my 8T by flashing xXx nolimits and making sure that TweaksMasterSelector was enabled. There's more stuttering but the speed is way faster.

I tried this as well when I was still thinking that my phone's issue was unoptimized performance. It didn't work. Scrolling at my phone is very smooth, but the speed in which the lists are smoothly moving is maybe a third of what it used to be. Other newer OP phones have this issue as well, but people don't seem to care that much.


Senior Member
Jun 9, 2011
OnePlus 7 Pro
Google Pixel 4 XL
Yep, people seem to not be bothered by that. My only hope is that scrolling gets faster again with the Android 12 upgrade, after they've merged OOS with ColorOS.

Although I'd still be interested in modding the scrolling behavior, but I don't know where to start.

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    I have raised this via official channels e.g bug report on forums and also bug report via email.

    Also made a forum post for good luck, hopefully this is fixed soon.
    I got my OnePlus 9 Pro yesterday and instantly noticed that they modified the scrolling behavior / acceleration with the OnePlus 9 Pro. Scrolling now feels really slow, compared to the OnePlus 8 Pro, and the biggest problem is that it is not consistent between different apps. While on Chrome it is nearly as fast as on the OnePlus 8 Pro it's pretty slow in Google Play Store, Twitter, Google Feed etc.

    Here is a screen record comparison between the two: OP9 Pro / OP8 Pro

    Do you guys know if there is a way to mod that? I am also going to root my device, so if I need root to fix it that's not a problem.

    Is there anyone else that noticed the same?
    Stop spreading your snake oil bullshit, swappiness doesn't affect scrolling at all, and those build props edits haven't been working for years now on modern versions of android. Its up to OnePlus to fix this, they modify scrolling somewhere on the system framework level, and they started doing it from android 10, always ****ing up stock kinetics by making it too fast and jumpy or now too sluggish
    I have no problem on scrolling. have you try these setting: 1. in display setting -->profesional setting,set to 120Hz and resolution to QHD+ and turn off smart power saving at QHD+setting 2. turn on the overclock response tap
    3. go to developer mode and set all visual effect to 0.5. Then restart your phone you should see the difference
    Can confirm that this does not work. Scrolling still slow
    It's not issue with scrolling. Op9Pro have feature to auto set correct refresh rate and target FPS. If an app seems to be choppy, or have scrolling issues install AutoHZ by Arter97 on Google Play. No root. Just connect to PC and add permission. Then all You have to do is select affected app and switch it to 120hz. It's supper easy and convinient.
    This is not related to refresh rate or resolution like many have speculated, if this was the case with the phone set to 60Hz it would not exhibit the slow / heavy feeling scrolling however it still persists regardless of resolution and / or refresh rate settings.

    This seems to be something Oneplus has taken upon themselfs to change but it just feels awful to use. It is smooth but you can't reach the same inertia when scrolling, best way to describe it is "heavy"

    Good video demo of it here: