WETAmod for Note 10+ (Snap/Exynos)

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Sep 14, 2017
Hey thanks for this project ! Could you please add support for:

SM-N975F (HVF3)

Thanks a lot in advance !

PS: Link to Te.le.gram would also be appreciated (via PM, no problem)
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    WETAmod for Note 10 (Snap/Exynos):

    1. Must be rooted
    2. Install as module in Magisk

    Only for Samsung Note 10+ phones!

    This mod is based on work by @Mentalmuso.
    I have completely upgraded the core settings code, added more functionality and recompiled to a newer SDK. It now also has a change log, acknowledgements, credits, fixes such as backup/restore WETAmod settings.

    WETAmod supports Exynos/Snapdragon

    PM me if you want Telegram link

    GDrive/Samsung N10+

    If you do not see your model, send message with the following:
    Model # (ex: SM-N9750)
    Region (ex: TGY)

    It may take a day or two to make a WETAmod for your model. Please have patience.

    How to add seconds to 3Minit Clock:
    1. click on edit icon (lower right corner)
    2. click "add item to clock" - it's at the top
    3. scroll the circles to the left - select the colon :)) - it's right after am/pm - click ok
    4. click "add item to clock" - it's at the top
    5. scroll the circles to the left - select the seconds - it's right after Minutes - click ok
    6. Afterwards, you can modify color, size and font


    Screenshot_20220609-173757_WETAmod v521.jpgScreenshot_20220609-173806_WETAmod v521.jpgScreenshot_20220609-173814_WETAmod v521.jpgScreenshot_20220609-173835_WETAmod v521.jpgScreenshot_20220609-173846_WETAmod v521.jpgScreenshot_20220609-173854_WETAmod v521.jpgScreenshot_20220609-173904_WETAmod v521.jpgScreenshot_20220609-173929_WETAmod v521.jpg
    WETAmod_N10-N9750_HVG4 posted: see link in Post #1
    WETAmod_N10-N9750_HVK1 posted: see link in Post #1
    WETAmod_N10-N975F_HVH8 posted: see link in Post #1
    WETAmod_N10-N976B_HVH8 posted: see link in Post #1