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What can be done with the Metro N10 5G after officially unlocking?

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Senior Member
Jun 30, 2010
I grabbed this phone (free) from Metro about 7 months ago. I was able to use their app to "unlock" the phone after 6 months. I'm unclear about what the official "unlock" will actually allow me to do with the phone. I haven't bothered to try to load a ROM or even root it yet--is this possible? The toggle to unlock the bootloader now seems to work, but I haven't bothered (yet). FWIW, I've rooted all my Nexus, Pixel, and OnePlus devices for the past decade (as well as loaded ROMs), but this is the first phone I've purchased that was carrier locked and I don't know what all that entailed. I honestly don't even know if the Metro variant is the same (as in bands, etc.) as the vanilla North American version or not. Hell, I don't even know what other carriers it might work with. I know I sound like an idiot newbie, and I guess I am with this phone. I've actually google'd quite a bit, but I just can't find much information regarding the Metro version of the phone.


Mar 17, 2008
Erm... what do you WANT to do with it?

Backup gets easier as root. Some don't care and real-time stream to the cloud.

Some are paranoid of what certain large companies *cough* Google *cough* might install on your phone in the middle of the night without telling you... unlocked bootloader lets you go to an OS build from AOSP or its ilk that allow you to see source code (if you are really, really, bored enough to check it all).

Some want to kill bloat (rather than just disable it).

Some may want to keep their phones for well after they are supported officially, with an OS like Lineage, or eOS (this not so much for Nord with a fixed battery, although I suppose you can replace it if you are determined enough).

Likewise, I have old phones I've turned into MP3 players for the kids- strip all the "phone" stuff and prevent connections to Internet/cell (eliminates the security threat of an old OS) and simply sideload AIMP, VLC, or whatever your favorite player is.

GSMArena has a very easily navigable feature list, that will show for some phones the different bands each supports- and you can compare to what your preferred carrier uses. USUALLY - but not always- there is an "international" version and a "US" Version. Verizon sometimes gets their own model with/for CDMA bands, but most support all the GSM Carriers and their resellers. If you are sim unlocked, you should be able to use them on any carrier, YMMV.


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Jan 13, 2015
T-Mobile and Metro usually don't screw around with the cellular bands of the phones they sell, so the Metro/T-Mobile N10 does support the same bands as the factory unlocked version.

And you can start off by flashing the unbranded firmware onto the phone if you don't want the Metro junk and boot animation.