Question What can I/can't I do with a GW5?

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Jan 23, 2023
My carrier has a good deal on LTE GW5 Pro I'm considering
I've never owned a wear OS device and got my first android device in february this year. I immediately removed google play services and found most things I use work, including calls and SMS notifications, while a couple of other things need play services for notifications or initial app setup. I ended up figuring out how to install Micro G (with some help from the lovely XDA community.

I'd like to degoogle the GW5 as much as possible and use it exclusively for calls, sms, checking the time and wristlist.

I heard it might not pair with the wearables app properly (I believe this is needed to activate the esim) if it has bootloader unlocked or if it can't pass the google security check. Is it possible to pair with the app to activate the esim first and then start messing around with ADB to uninstall google services?

I think I heard it is possible to get microg working on GW4 with some limitations, is the same true for GW5?