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Mar 18, 2017
Hello community!

This is an idea gathering exercise.

For a while since I purchased it, I never bothered with my Galaxy Watch4 (my first smartwatch). But as I'm now tinkering with it, I find it quite interesting. Here is a list of what my watch can do:

01. Show me a whole lot of information. I have 3 favorite watch faces, each configured to give me a different set of information. All I have to do is simply change the watch face and they tell me much of what i want to know. Actually, this one watch face tells me pretty much everything I need to know.

02. Navigation on the wrist.

03. Notifications from my phone.

04. Managing phone calls.

05. Wirelessly transfer files among all my devices like watch, phone, laptop and NAS. I use the following two apps for this purpose:

06. Listen to music using Samsung Music app. I haven't had the need to install another music app.

07. Watch videos using the watch companion of this app: Sun Player. You don't need this app on your phone.

08. Stream YouTube videos using NewPipe.

09. Manage my emails. I have installed Microsoft Outlook, Samsung Email, FairEmail and K-9 email apps. But I haven't configured any yet, except for Microsoft Outlook.

10. Browse the internet using Samsung Internet browser.

11. Read PDF using built-in PDF reader of X-Plore File Manager.

12. Read e-books using AIReader.

13. Control the basic functions of my Samsung TV using SmartThings app.

I know I have left out the single biggest thing that most people use a smartwatch for: Health Tracking. I don't use it because much of that is gimmicky stuff and one must not rely on the number game when it comes to health matters. Things like an app reminding one to drink water is one of the most absurd things that people would use.

Some of the apps are Android apps meant for the phone. But they are quite usable on the watch too. I sideload them using one of the following apps:

1. Easy Fire Tools
2. Bugjaeger

The following tutorials illustrate how to sideload apps on watch running Wear OS:

How to Sideload Apps on Samsung Galaxy Watch Wear OS - DroidWin

3 Ways to Install Apps or APK on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 -

What are the things you use your watch for?


You'll find more info and related links here:

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Mar 18, 2017
Telling time... after all, it is a watch. ;)

I have edited the title of the post to now read 'smartwatch'. :)
see the date, time and weather

I have edited the title of the post to now read 'smartwatch'. :)

Start my car, open the garage door and control all alexa enabled devices plus all of the usual stuff...

Let me guess: you have setup Alexa or Google Assistant on your phone and use voice commands on your watch. These things are quite impressive, but personally I'm not comfortable in allowing apps to constantly keep listening to my conversations.

It does so many things. But my life is also just fine without it.

Absolutely. They are just too far from being a necessity. On the contrary, they are more of a distraction and contribute to loss of application of human faculties.

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