What causes the known performance issue on MIUI ?

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Mar 4, 2021
Basically its the known issue where disabling hw overlays or making the navigation bar or notification shade fixes the lag on games temporarily (only disabling hw overlays fixes it permanently as long as the option is on to disable them)

it has been like this since miui 11

for example on 3dmark slingshot test with hw overlays on it gets high 1700 to low 1800 score
drawing open the notification shade or nav bar while the benchmark is running (with hw overlays enabled) gives high 1900 and even low 2000 (as of 12.0.7)
disabling hw overlays gives consistent mid to high 1900 and actually decent game perfomance no ups and downs like it is with the hw overlays on

those 3 scenarios of results are always consistent hw overlays on with notification shade or nav bar method always gives highest results, followed by hw overlays off

hw overlays on as is always gives the lowest score

does any of you have an idea of why that is like that and if it can get fixed ?