Question What Custom ROMS are available for this device ?

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Mar 16, 2017
Google Pixel 3
Hey, i've been using the project elixir latest update so far V3.4, no problems or so what, battery life is better than stock rom, and performance so far so great, unlimited photos on google, updates are regular and everything is stable.
link to the latest build here

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    Derp,pe,raven os,ricedroid,evo,elixir and more ...
    I haven't noticed any abnormal consumption.
    I don't have any apps working in the background, and I haven't installed Gapps.
    But the phone is new, the battery is 5Ah, with normal use I get to the evening with 30-40%.

    Perhaps it consumes a bit more than MurenaOS (formerly /e/OS, which I used for years on several Xiaomis, with great satisfaction for my privacy needs).

    I don't care much about battery consumption, my goal is privacy, and there is some work to be done on this Lineage.
    I hope some Murena expert will work on it, I don't have the skills to do so.

    I accept indications on other "privacy-friendly roms" or settings for Lineage 19.1...
    I have been using LineageOS 19.1 Unofficial A12.1 on the Veux (Redmi Note 11 Pro 5g 2201116SG) for a week now.
    Recovery Twrp 3.6.2_12-0.
    No major issues to report.
    Could you provide me links for the lineageOS 19.1 And the recovery I could not seems to find them.
    Also i tried to install TWRP after i unlocked bootloader but it seems to failing.

    You can find them in the official telegram group for the device