Question What do you think about the S23U so far? (first thread)

How's the camera, battery life for you?

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Dec 16, 2009
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So far I have mixed feelings about the S23 Ultra. The screen on the S22 Ultra was the best I've ever used so this weird color shifting screen on the S23 Ultra is disappointing. Sure it is a little faster than the Snapdragon S22 Ultra but it doesn't feel earth shattering. The camera is mostly good, but some low light and zoomed photos look worse than the S22 Ultra.

The battery life was amazing at first but has been a mixed bag the past few days. It was ending the day with 50+% where the S22 Ultra was about 30% but the gap is now narrowing for some reason. The speakers and vibrate function are way better than the S22 Ultra. The reception is phenomenal and data speeds are easily 10% faster than the S22 Ultra.

It's really hard to decide whether this was worth the upgrade or not. It's definitely two steps forward and one step back. If I'd never had a Samsung, this phone would probably be incredibly impressive, but they set the bar high last year. Perhaps I should try a replacement.

Can totally relate to this coming from the S22 Ultra.

* Display was better in S22 Ultra, and the S23 Ultra looks washed out sometimes, not sure what triggers it though.

* Battery life - S23 Ultra started way better. But once all the transfers and data uploading complete, it's somewhat very close to my S22 Ultra now, Marginally better.

* Camera is definitely a lot faster, I see less blurry photos compared to the earlier days.

* Root related matters are not that easy anymore. Haven't received a new Security patch yet to determine how much of work is involved to update it without losing data and how much of a risk it is. System R/W was possible thankfully, so most old mods are working.


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Sep 13, 2010
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Standby battery life is incredible. Moderate-heavy usage will knock it down a bit, but I'm still seeing a 25-30% improvement overall. The saturation issue can be fixed by turning on Eye Comfort Shield and setting the slider all the way to the left.


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Jan 19, 2012
I changed from S22U to S23U and this are my findings:
- For the same usage, battery is 20% better in the S23U.
- Camera: I don't like camera phones in general, they use computational shots where they add fake details and this happened with the S22U and now is happening with S23U, besides that 50mpx is way much better than 12mpx.
We are in the second firmware update of S23U so there is a lot space for improvement but stock camera is bad, I feel the stabilization in selfies is working really bad because I get blurred pictures when in my S22U I never got that issue, colors are bad in stock, excess of noise reduction even in RAW from stock camera and S23U does not resolve details well because of the cheap lens when you move to the borders at 50mpx, even with all the issues shooting 50mpx is much better than any 12mpx shot. 200mpx loose contrast, detail, etc,etc, I don't use this mode.
50mpx makes a huge difference in shooting even with all the issues.
- Audio feels a little better in S23U.
- S23U feels way more snappier, but a lot. With my S22U I had stuttering that is not present in my S23U at all for the same usage, this is a big improvement.
- The screen is flatter in the angles on the S23U, much better for the screen protector, I hope Samsung will make next generations with a flat screen, I really hate curved screens.

For the rest is the same to the S22U, but I changed because of the battery life only (something I never liked in the S22U) and if you use the camera phone, for the 50mpx option is worth the change too.

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    After reading all these 13 pages and many reviews online (but i prefer users feedbacks as it's more real and meaningful for me than press or Android tech reviews) and i gotta say Samsung seems to kill it this year !
    I own a S22 Ultra Exynos and wasn't really thinking about upgrading but ii'm so hyped right now that i have to get this masterpiece ! So tonight i will buy it... Gosh i'm weak ah ah ;)
    I think it's much of the same as far as the Ultra goes. I have the s22 ultra and my gripe is battery life. Improve battery life on the s23 and I am all in.
    So i' bought mine yesterday in a store for 150€ eh eh (couldn't wait any longer ah ah) and jeez... Samsung definitely released the ultra we're all waited for ! I mean, i was thinking coming from an S22 Ultra that i will not see so much differences but i was so, so wrong :

    - The phone feels really premium and i loved that they curved the edges a little less, flater screen is best forr me.
    - The screen/panel is supposed to be the same as the S22 Ultra, but it feels even better !
    - External speakers are just really really good with nice bass, it's loud and clear !
    - it's smooth as f*ck (thanks to the SD 8 Gen 2 who just killed and burried the Exynos 2200 ah ah)
    - I played a little bit with the camera and i already felt the difference : Every shot feels like a piece of art ah ah
    - I played non stop with it (to reinstall all my apps, settings, pics/videos and stuff) for about 5 hours non stop and the battery was almost not draining, it's just day & night with the S22 Ultra (i was forced to disable 5G and 120hz because it was draining too fast the battery and i mean, what the purpose of having a premium smartphone ii we can't use all these great functions... But now, i can without worrying about the battery).

    I could go on and on but to resume, i think we hold between our hands the most perfect and achieved smartphone ever release by Samsung; It's gonna be a best seller i"m sure !
    First thing, I absolutely love the flatter screen, nearly completely flat. Can't wait for them to go all the way so we can buy regular screen protectors again.

    Never owned one but this is most Note-like S-Series yet. It has the old school boxy feel which I actually like.

    The camera is a big improvement in my opinion. Skin tones look better and images are generally sharper. I like that we get a 12MP, 50mp and 200MP mode. Also that Raw supports 50MP. Side note if you didn't know, Raw Camera is now in the 'More' section in the main camera but unfortunately you can't drag it out. Hopefully in an update.
    Front facing isn't bad but it's a letdown that they dropped the 40MP front facing. I know MP doesn't necessarily indicate the quality of the image but it's definitely a lot less consistent.

    Fingerprint scanner is a mixed bag. Every time I upgrade I feel like I need to retrain my brain how to activate it. It doesn't feel consistent between upgrades even if you register it perfectly and at different angles.

    Battery is definitely improved. In my use case I'm getting about 20% more battery by the end of the day. Wish the battery was bigger.

    Heat-wise it seems this year it doesn't get as warm. S22U would get warm under extended workloads. While setting up the S23U i didn't even notice a change.

    Speakers seem clearer, maybe a bit louder.

    Screen looks great as always. Wish we got adaptive resolution as well but maybe some day.

    Packing is super lackluster. I'm not talking about the materials but that tiny image of the phone on the big front of that box? I feel like for the money the presentation could have been more. And more can be less, look at last year, it wasn't much but how they designed the front art made it feel premium.

    Sidenote and irrelevant to the phone itself, I was so happy to see this year that my rugged case and screen protector played nice. Screen protector aligns perfectly and the case doesn't tug thanks to the flatter screen.
    Battery is a beast coming from s22 exynos

    Wifi and phone signal seems to be stronger, I'm getting service where I didn't before

    Call quality is better