What firmware version on your Mate 10/Mate 10 Pro?

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Aug 17, 2022
Hi, could someone who has used this method tell me if they had the Cust version C432 that is indicated in the requirements section? I have the Cust version C605 and I don't know if I really need the C432.

Edit: Nah, I did some research about it and in fact hisuite is able to update a branded version to an unbranded version, but only respecting the region. Trying to update in this way with an non c432 ver only leads to an installation error detected by hisuite after downloading the update but without starting the installation.

Does anyone know if it's possible to change the region with hisuite proxy?(My bootloader is locked and hisuite only can rollback to emui 9.1, I'm searching for 8.0rom but I can't find the OVS rom) Perhaps doing a rollback to a supported version but from another region or something similar, although of course this can lead in most cases to the elimination of the Data partition.
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Aug 17, 2022
here is the guide for installation
make sure you have EMUI 10
When EMUI 12 for BLA-L09 C605 was released, I was able to update immediately via OTA, so I won't be able to test if this method works on my terminal, but I hope it works for those who have Cust Ver C605 and aren't getting the update. Thanks for your work ;)


Jul 18, 2022
EMUI 12 for my Mate 10


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Jul 18, 2022
Few days ago I installed EMUI 12 too, version, via HiSuite proxy.
European version of the phone ...
Use different dns.

Mine i used this and it works. No "No Internet connection issue". Continuous download when you use this dns


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    I've already described this Firmware Finder DNS workaround on the German "android-hilfe" forum, maybe it is of use to some folks here as well:

    - Uninstall HiSuite on your computer and delete the HiSuite app on your phone (under "apps"), restart both devices
    - Install this, and only this version on you computer: HiSuite
    - Download Firmware Finder on your phone an check for updates that are approved (only these will work). For some reason I only got the smaller OTAs to work and not the full versions but that shouldn't be a problem since a normal OTA has the same file size. For BLA-L29C432 this is at the moment 148 (156372) from July 25th, around 550MB. Go to "get an update through DNS" and select "manually" - make sure you are connected to the same network as your computer, write down the DNS and tap "register update"
    - On your computer: Go to your network connections and put that DNS as your primary IPv4 DNS, you possibly have to deactivate IPv6 too (e.g. in windows go to Control Panel / Network and Internet / Network Connections - Properties of that primary Connection you use / remove check at IPv6 / Properties of IPv4 and then change from Auto DNS to the one from Firmware Finder
    - Connect the phone to your computer and start HiSuite. Put the connection type of the phone to "data" and not to "charging only". Activate USB debugging mode in developer options and wait for the HiSuite app to automatically install on your phone. Be careful not to accept the update request of the HiSuite app on your computer. The app wants to upgrade itself to a newer version. This has nothing to do with the update of the phone. If you accidentally accept the update you have to start over the whole process
    - Once the connection is established click on "update" inside the HiSuite app on your computer and now the update should start downloading. Ignore the version HiSuite gives you for the update - it's usually faulty. The only thing (and very important!) that matters is what Firmware Finder says once you check for approval ("approved for XXX"). Wait for the update to complete and your phone to restart and then unplug the phone. Don't forget to put all the DNS settings on your network connection back to "auto" and default again
    - This process can be repeated for every approved OTA. Only updates, no downgrades work! Tested so far on BLA-L29C432: Upgrade from 142-145 and 145 to 148 and working properly.

    Addendum by @amigoloco

    "It is working, but I needed to do one more thing: The windows app weren't able to connect to the phone, so I installed the corresponding app on the phone by myself here is the link https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/huawei...-apk-download/ and the magic was done ( first .145, then .148) ."
    Hello Mate 10/10 Pro users.
    Could you able to post which OFFICIAL firmware version on yr mobile.
    This help to keep track on official Huawei OTA is rolling out worldwide.

    Mine is BLA-L29 (C636)

    Thank you.

    ************ Firmware version ************
    Firmware finder site for your reference:
    This is a thread to discuss firmware releases, ways to update and anticipate possible changes across releases.. It is too liberally being used as a complaints thread. PM each other to have these disputes, write Huawei or start a new group. Stop posting your off topic complaints here..
    I could ask you the same thing: do you really need that update so badly? Cant you really live a few more weeks without it? How did you lived without face unlock so many months since you bought the phone without this feature? Instead of enjoying the phone's increadibly good camera, the good sound with a good pair of headphone and everything this phone has, you guys are worried about updates.

    I can live without it. I'm more pissed at Android 8.1 not being released. But for a flagship phone Huawei should adhere to a higher standard of delivering updates.

    When you have Huawei phones that cost much less and receive features and updates much earlier than their top phone, of course people will be upset.
    Just received EMUI 9.1 via normal OTA in Germany BLA-L29 (former C432 but Cust have been removed so doesnt matter anymore.)

    First impression:
    • kind of stuttery but after cleaning cache and rebooting couple of times it becomes very smooth.
    • finally 3rd party notifications on aod
    • battery also very good just like before
    • gesture multitasking is much smoother
    • icons are rounded square and i could not get them to be round again yet. old icon pack doesnt work properly

    All in all solid update, a lot of small refined things. slight redesign consistently throughout UI, everything a little more refined. I think I can live with that until Android Q comes along in autumn