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    Haha you're a legend at it then, changing the screens and opening it up

    Did you transfer the camera surround foam across?
    I initially didn't and within a couple months the front camera and touch sensor behind the underside of the glass had like white dust and affected the selfie camera

    I just changed mine, I transferred the foam/rubber for the front camera, the upper speaker, a tiny bit of foam in the lower right corner, and also the notification LED has a kind of opaque square at the bottom and a piece of square white rubber you have to put on the new frame too. I first forgot it and when I had a notification I was directly seeing the LED on the PCB :)

    EDIT: I used this youtube video for the how-to
    Dude so many replacements... would be easier to just get a new one no?

    Sure Aliexpress have the batteries but they are 3rd party and they don't mention the manufacturing date :/ Going to all the trouble to replace the current one to another that might be worse, i don't really want to take that chance. My battery appears to have what i think is some cells damaged or some bad voltage reader, because when it reaches 25% it it goes rapidly to near zero in a few minutes :/ but besides that it actually last what appears to be on par with the duration (charge) announced.

    actually i got 4,5 devices for development purpose and was declared motherboard dead by service center. i was able to revive them with SOC only. so i did experiment with replacing chip. some of them had issue with certain part and broken screen. that happened to my very own purchased.

    i bought from ali and it is working very well. you may get one with manufactured date mention on it
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