What Internet Browser do you guys prefer

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Jul 1, 2010
Internet Explorer 9 or Midori. Normally i use Midori but if here are some issuses to show the site wrong i use IE 9 :D

Why do you do this to yourself? Get ie out of your life, or it will stay miserable for ever :eek:

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Dec 26, 2011
I really tried to like chrome, and it's a good browser, but what killed it for me was incomplete ad blocking.

I got back on the Firefox bandwagon because adblock plus does a much more comprehensive job of blocking in FF.

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    It's obvious who doesn't read the 1st post :rolleyes:


    Welcome to XDA 3.0.......


    No need to read anything!
    Just roll up and spam your way to ten posts so that you can head on over to the development forums and make ridiculous demands of the developers or simply ask a moronic question that was answered two posts previously....

    That troublesome OP just too big and technical for your tiny mind to comprehend?
    Don't despair.....
    Someone here knows how to fix your **** ups.... Thats what these developers are here for after all. Hell, they're offering a service, YOU ARE ENTITLED to demand that someone else spoonfeed you the solution to your self created problem....

    Tired of waiting for your carrier to release a new firmware??
    Why not create a whiny thread and try to rouse some rabble with mutterings of "class action lawsuits" and "broken verbal contracts"....
    We have an army of mindless trolls ready to jump on any piss soaked bandwagon you can drag into town......

    Want the fame, glory and massive e-penis that comes with being a top developer??
    Don't waste your time actually learning to do it yourself....
    Just kang that ****, kang it gooooood.....
    Why should you let the actual developers have all the fun when you can just rezip their hard work....

    Come on down.... Join the party.........
    XDA Developers - It just aint like it used to be........ ;)

    1. Chrome
    2. Opera
    3. Firefox
    4. Safari.
    14875348084. Internet explorer

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    This thread is a prime example of people who don't read the OP. :D

    Anybody got a problem?

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    Yeah, you have by the sounds of it :p


    Sent From My Fingers To Your Face......
    That's about right: Firefox is ready for any situation; Chrome is ready for overkill.
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