What is the best ROM in 2023 for V30+?

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Dec 11, 2020

I know it is very subjective, but given that the phone has been around for 5-6 years, I think there are already some ROMs are obsolete, unusable, whereas there might be others which already proved their worth so to speak.

I had almost all V models (except V60) and came back recently to HK version of V30+dualSIM. I think it best suits my needs.
I noticed that only Android 7,8 and 9 are officially available, but I don't mind trying LOS ROM with younger Android (10,11 or 12).

What i absolutely want is to have autocall recording, so I need boot. Done that following the guide - thank you @

ChazzMatt et other who made this happen and also took time to explain to others how to do this.​

Therefore I am now with pre July 2018 Oreo. TRWP 3.2.7? and Magisk 18.

Now, in order to keep root (the autocalrecord option) what is the latest Android one can use please?
Also, in Android 8 which I have now I can use external monitor by connecting a usb-c docking station. I read somewhere that either from Android 10 (or after 10) Google KILLED THAT FEATURE.

I need this also to work, so if you know that from Android 10 I will will not have the external monitor feature, I will stop at latest 9...

I know that all info is somewhere here, but the most breakthrough with this phone on this forum was during 2018-19, and 4-5 years on this inof might be obsolete, hence my thread today.


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Aug 12, 2010
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Many USA carriers are forcing VOLTE (and VOWIFI of course) when making calls. Only stock ROMs have this capability, so if you need VOLTE, then you have to stick to stock-based ROMs...

From what I heard, Verizon's Pie implementation was not great initially, so I wouldn't recommend that if you're on VZ towers, which leaves you on Oreo. I have heard that US998 Pie is better, so you could consider that if you're not on VZ.

If you're outside the US, then things could be different, of course.