What is the easiest way to tether, starting with stock?

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Jun 27, 2007
I have an AT&T Surround on v 7.10.7720.68. I think I'm on Mango, certainly not 7.8. I believe I developer unlocked it well over a year ago through MS student developer program (the name escapes me) but I think that expired already. And that method grants the least permissions anyway.
It looks like the state of development has changed a lot since I last checked over a year ago.

My question, plain and simple. How do I tether?

What is the easiest way to tether that will (1) take the least amount of time to both learn and execute, and (2) have the most stability?

I am down to root and install a custom rom if that's the best answer. But I can't tell which roms have tethering except maybe Intrinsic. But what solution is most stable? I saw a xap from ansar that offered tethering but didnt know if that was out of date; the instructions also seemed excruciatingly long. Do I need full unlock? How do I get there?

Thanks for the help. I spent two hours skimming xda and couldn't figure it out.