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What is the number blocking app/service on the S20FE?

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So in what appears to be yet more anti-consumer behavior, by trying foist yet more online-required services upon us into thier ROM's. In this instance it appears Samsung has replaced a local app/function that worked just fine (in thise case number blocking) with an online component.

Rant aside I am fairly sure and thought I had not removed any app that did local number blocking (isnt this part of the phone app), however I do remember seeing a number blocking service (which is an online service) - which of course I have no f-ing interest in using due security/privacy concerns.

So in order for me to try and troubleshoot and narrow down what app the the phone and messages app are trying to open when I want to block a number, can someone remind me what the blocking serevice app was called? I think its might be ' com.hiya.starcom.hiya.star ' (thats the online service I was referring to earlier)
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hah better late than never, but already figured it out. And I had already forcebly removed it from the rom and its causing the phone/contacts app to FC. So I have 2 choices atm, reflash the stock rom again and then just hide the ' com.hiya.starcom.hiya.star ' serivce and thats assuming it will hide.


Just wait for the custom rom thats being worked on atm to be released and then just flash that from twrp.