What is your favourite screen size?

What is your favourite screen size?

  • 5.2 or less inches

  • 5.5 inches

  • 5.8 inches

  • 6 inches

  • 6.3 inches

  • 6.7+ inches

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Mar 18, 2017
OnePlus 8T
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Assuming all specs, including price, would be the same (except for display size and battery), what is your favourite screen size? You can also assume 100% screen to body ratio. You can also assume battery life too would be the same, irrespective of the size.

Although larger screen sizes are preferred for media consumption, ease of use, pocketability, etc. also have a great impact in decision making.
This poll makes no sense to me.

The size of the screen does not matter as the interface cannot be adjusted to suit your preferences.
It happens that after increasing the letter size to max and adjusting the size of the desktop, the appearance of the application diverges.

With huge screens with high pixel density, the problem increases.
Therefore, when choosing a phone, check the design before paying for the purchase, so that there is no disappointment.