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What phone did you have directly before your Xperia S

What phone did you have directly before your Xperia S

  • Sony Ericsson - 2010, X10 etc.

    Votes: 78 15.6%
  • Sony Ericsson - 2011, Arc, Neo etc.

    Votes: 103 20.6%
  • HTC - 2010 device

    Votes: 56 11.2%
  • HTC - 2011 device

    Votes: 18 3.6%
  • Samsung - 2010 device

    Votes: 32 6.4%
  • Samsung - 2011 device

    Votes: 45 9.0%
  • Motorola - 2010 or newer

    Votes: 23 4.6%
  • LG - 2010 or newer

    Votes: 18 3.6%
  • Other Android phone

    Votes: 22 4.4%
  • Windows Phone 7 device

    Votes: 9 1.8%
  • Windows Mobile device

    Votes: 9 1.8%
  • Symbian device

    Votes: 27 5.4%
  • iOS device

    Votes: 38 7.6%
  • WebOS device

    Votes: 1 0.2%
  • Non-smartphone device

    Votes: 22 4.4%

  • Total voters
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Senior Member
Sep 3, 2010
My 1st phone was Nokia 8310 :)
I was a big fan of Nokia phones. Then I had N73 after than I bought a Samsung Omnia 900 ( worst phone ever, screen crashed used for around 3 weeks). After that I bought the famous Nokia 5800XM B-)

Few months later I saw the SE X10i, most beautifull phone in that time & bought it :) Then SE Arc & finally Xperia S :-D

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Senior Member
Mar 24, 2011
I had a HTC Desire Z before! But I got nuts of the lag, and OC'ing, insane tweaking didn't help... so I finally decided to buy a new phone and I was in love with this one right away :eek:


Retired Forum Moderator
Mar 26, 2012
Coventry, UK
I had the Xperia X10 Mini Pro before this phone. I had it for about a year and everything worked great on it + it was my first true taste as Android. (I did have an X8 previously but got stolen after a week :/ ) I only got rid of it because it had started to become laggy and the charging port was broken, somehow, so it wasn't charging and couldn't connect USB port or anything. I tried getting it fixed but kept coming back with the same problem so I sold for spares and repairs and got the Xperia S on contract instead xD

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Senior Member
May 7, 2012
Had a HTC Incredible S before my XS.
And before my HTC Incredible S, i had a HTC Wildfire.
And before HTC wildfire i had a HTC Touch Diamond.

After the Touch Diamond, the design of HTC took a real dive, and after 2 years with HTC it was time for something different.
Saw the XS and fell in love with the design and the launcher.
Im glad i took the Xs and not the S3 when it comed to the design.

Just hope ICS will bring some of the nice features from the S3 ICS.



Apr 12, 2008
How would you compare XS and One X ? :) Which one you like more ?

I like my XS more

The one x is better in the screen size and cpu. . but I don't like the speaker sound when u play videos on it or music its low and second thing the camera on hox its great but u will hate the noise on it specially when it come to night shots

And now after using the XS I don't regret and for my usage I think the xs overall is better than one x

This my opinion

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Senior Member
Jun 8, 2012
Xperia X10i which I debranded thanks to this forum, so I didn't have to wait for updates to go through the service providers :-D I've been reading this place for a long time, just only bothered actually signing up the other day. Lol


Mar 29, 2012
My previous phone was SE w715 and before that SE W300i

This thread makes me feel old :( as my first mobile phone was a Ericsson GO 118 (rebranded Orbitel). Since that i've gone through appr. 15-16 phones with highlights such as Siemens S3+, Nokia 6110, Panasonic GD92, Ericsson T65 & T66 and Samsung V200.

Unfortunately i havent kept any of them.

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Sep 19, 2007
My first was Nokia 2110. After that I had various Nokia's, Motorola's, even HP 514. Best ever was Nokia 6120 classic.
First Android phone was HTC Hero with last Rom 2.3.7.

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Dec 5, 2008
X10 ... I considered LG Prada and Samsung note ... but here is the thing , LG is nice for everything , except for the i don't trust its quality and functionality, so does Samsung, and Samsung has pentile screen, which is a huge no no for me. And I was thinking, well, i really cannot live without Sony, my laptop, mouse, my phone .... My X10 dropped on the floor on a regular daily basis, and it was still up and running, and after you used the Xperia Android interface, you have difficulty to switch to others, and well, now I further confirmed my decision, XPS is just out of the world. Unlike other phones, it doesn't hang or lag regularly , and what is best phone on the market .
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    I had and i have the best phone ever: HTC HD2! :D
    I saw someone else (AXIS of Reality) ask over on the GS2 forums and would also like to see how many users came from what devices.

    Please only select the main phone you used and the phone you used directly before the Xperia S

    Should be interesting to gather the results

    Edit: Please only select a manufacture if you had an ANDROID phone, for WP7 etc. tick the respective boxes for those OS's
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus here...once you go 720p you never go back :D
    Samsung GT-5230 piece of crap.

    Sent from my LT26i
    went from X10 to Arc which I got for £90 and then to Xperia S which got for free from my sister. However I still miss the ARC i think its the best phone ive had to date, although its a bit slow, i still love it and would swap back if I could.