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Mar 26, 2012
Coventry, UK
Hi everyone,

This thread is a continuation of this thread.

This is here so you can discuss what your next phone/tablet should be, if you're not sure what to pick.

Also, if you need advice as to which device is better than another, then feel free to ask those questions in here aswell.

This is an attempt to clear out all the similar threads being created around these forums.

*NOTE* I will be requesting thread maintenance as and when it is needed, to remove any SPAM comments
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Feb 7, 2021
Phone for my girlfriend - Budget 150$ - Currently she is using Samsung J3.

So i really want to find something decent for about 150$-200(maxx) for her but i don't know what to choose. She has too little storage what makes her crying (16gb) and sometimes she complains about picture quality.

What the phone needs:

Storage atleast 32gb
SD card slot?
Headphone jack
3gb+ ram
5'' (mightbe slightly more but her hands are tiny)
Not 2nd hand (prefer atleast sort of warranty for her)

I am out of the loop for current phone standards. I am using Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and i am satisfied despite the fact that my internal speaker stopped working after 2 years and can't make calls properly - I would recommend her somekind of Xiaomi but maybe my bad experience should make me change my mind..?

What would you recommend? I guess having android 10+ is difficult but would like to hear your thoughts :D
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Jan 25, 2021
Today, mobile phones are essential part of our life and to buy one is a very complicated part as there are many options in the market.
Its totally up to the individual person to select the phone for purchase. It is because everyone has different interest and needs.
Purchase the phone that fulfill you needs.


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Aug 18, 2015
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Sony Xperia Z
Sony Xperia Z2
I have been quite out of the loop of software updating and reviews for phones for now and my now Galaxy S10 has served me for about two years now and the battery really have shrinked a lot and often would die or overheat easily within daytime.

I am now considering moving on to either the Sony Xperia 1 II which I can get my hands on with only around $750 in local stores or the S21 for $650 and $750 respectively on the 8+256GB config for non-plus and plus version locally.

Having said that my question, or drawback, for both sides of the coin is that there is a downgrade in resolution if I go for the S21(+) and possibly lack of a font changer on 1 II, last generation chipset and also possibly a short software support life given the state of Sony is in now.

To be honest I don't think 865 and 888 would be made much of a difference to me and I think the form factor and the look of the Mk.II is really much better than S21. But the lack of font changer (which means stuck with the ugly Roboto) and software support also are very important to me.

Which should I choose or maybe even some of my view made was wrong?


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Jan 28, 2012
Currently I have a honor view 10 for 3 years.
Now I want to buy a new phone for 2-3 years.
I would like a phone up to 750$ with an excellent camera (i'm interested in both photos and videos),
good battery life (to last for the whole day, if there is more, it's great),
120 hertz, bright screen with good resolution,
with good hardware (sometimes I like to play games) and software

Currently I choose between
OnePlus 8 Pro
Xiaomi Mi 11
Galaxy S20 FE

Can anyone recommend something and share their experience of use.
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Mar 22, 2012
Hey, I want to buy 2 phones (1 for me and other for my girldfriend but we share the same requisites so here it goes)

Budget 1000 euros
Main attributes:
- Autonomy (long life battery under use for many many hours) - we dont play games
- Very good camera (I love to take pictures so we want a top camera)
- Speed (a smartphone that we can rely on in 2/4 years)

We have always been using Samsung and we would like to avoid iPhone honestly. I have mac at home for work but I dont want to take advantage of the mac ecosystem because I dont like it at all.
Being very biased the best option I see is the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G since I have discount that I can apply to buy the 256GB model at 950 euros.

Given that what do you think?

The other options I have on the table are:
  • S20 Note Ultra 5G
  • S20 FE 5G
  • OnePlus 9 Pro

Note: I have a Samsung A70 and she has a Galaxy S7.


Jan 4, 2014
Hello, my 3 year old Samsung Note 8 got the screen shattered in a corner at work (last year) and I've been using it for 6 months like this but it's very frustrating with all the pieces of glass broken and the aluminium frame crushed with very sharp edge making the phone hard to use at time (I put a film strip on the screen to keep the glass fixed but the frame is still sharp as hell). I was hoping to get at least 4 years out of it after paying 500£ to get it new on grey market (actually I was lied by the seller that's a UK stock when it was actually from UEA market) brand new.

I need to replace it but I don't want to make contracts and the stupid prices of high end phones have gotten ridiculous (more expensive then tablets and laptops, sometimes even combined).
I'm looking st 1 to 2 generations older high end on the used market to lower the cost and keep it on the budget of 500£ with hope of using it for at least 3 more years (with the usually battery change as well, can't expect it to last that long give the phone's already used).

I have narrowed it down (somewhat) to OnePlus 7 Pro (around 400£), Samsung Note 10 Plus (450£), (disgruntley) Google Pixel 4 Xl (400£).
The thing is I find it hard to leave the Note because I love the pen, I use it often for notes, image editing, Excel spreadsheet editing. But the Note 10 Plus already got Android 9 to 10 and (soon) to 11 Update so I don't know if Samsung is willing to give more updates.
OnePlus 7 Pro looks amazing on paper and I would love so much to have that 90 Hz screen, it's the only thing I really feel the desire to have upgrade from the Note 8 (besides battery life). But j am getting tired of curved edge screen (I get so many accidental presses on my Note 8 that I can't even watch YouTube properly, every time I turn the phone to landscape it jumps to a different video).
Google Pixel 4 XL is quite old design by now and the k ly thing going for it (for me) is the 90 Hz screen. And I said disgruntley because I have difficulty trusting Google right now, they dump as many services as they start new ones and the poor showing of attention for Pixel 5 launch (the damn thing got less announcement time then their smart speakers) and troubling hardware QC and failures.

What I need the most from the phone is battery life (I have work shifts of over 12 hours long with commute time), beautiful screen (I'm a very visual person and interest in photography so I consume media), high performance on daily tasks (I don't like slowdowns as I juggle notes, IMs, web reading and YouTube). Cameras are not even a high priority (I have an Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III for that) but they are nice to haves in a pinch (like a proper ultra wide, wide and telephoto lens).

Is it really hard to ask these days for good phone experience at a reasonsable price with a hope of some longevity. I don't like wasting money on unnecessary features or upgrading just to flash out new phones or waste the planets resources.

PS. I tried really hard to justify getting into the iPhone system given that Apple is aiming to convert itself to ARM across the board so apps compatibility would be functionally identical on iPhones, iPads, Macs. But the price of switching everything makes my brain hurt: Note8 to iPhone, Buds Plus to AirPods Pro, Asus Zenbook Pro Duo to MacBook M1 or iPad Pro.


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Feb 19, 2021
Hey, I am looking to buy an android smartphone for about 200 to 300 Euros (Germany) but the main requirement I have is that it has a LED notification light. I also want to avoid Chinese brands because I am unsure about the Google Play Store situation.


Aug 19, 2014
Hi all,

My OnePlus 5 (non-T) is getting dated and Im looking into replacements... You could argue it's good enough but chip is not keeping up anymore that well, screen has multiple burnins, I should replace battery and audiojack as that got mildly used up.. I dont think patching it up is worthwhile, so...

Im looking into mission impossible.. Im trying to find old-style new-age phone if that makes sense, let me write down what do I have in mind:

What do I need:
screen - must be AMOLED, 5.7 or bigger, some reasonable resolution if any 90hz+ exists thats sweet bonus (but not strictly speaking a need)
chipset - Im aiming high-end - snapdragons - 865 to 888 or so. Prefered snapdragon over anything.
ram - at least 6 gigs, but preferably more
hard no-go for punchholes / notches
battery must suffice for heavy daily use
internal storage 64 should be enough
Not LG - I had few and at one point or another and each of them was pain in the back in some way.

Stuff that many care about but I literally couldnt care less:
cameras - I dont care, can be even desoldered, zero-argument for me, just signal Im dropping cash into drain (have to pay for that)
screen/body ratio, weight, etc - As long as weight is sub half kilo Im good.
thickness etc. -As long as it's not literall brick that wont fit my pocket Im good (as far as I am concerned 2 sandwitched spica-s are a-OK. No, really. I even appriciate heft of phone but thats just me)

All that is fine and good and easy to find what I would want.. but than goes my requirements that are much harder to hit and for life of me I cant find phone for me with them.. And all of them are basically must-haves:
1. Audio jack. lack of it is strong blocker. usb - audiojack is dirty workaround that I will hate but if Im left with just that... what can I do... Thats actually reason I ask here..
2. No weird stuff like Knox - let me swap my ROM w/o warranty loss. AFAIK only OnePlus and Xiaomi are OK on that territory.
3. Availability of custom stuff - I mean not obscure phone that I wont find proper ROM for. (magisk, xposed, root are must-haves for my daily driving with clear SafetyNet)

Also there is nice to have but I really doubt I can find anything from this day and age that can do this..
virtual or physical buttons (like my oneplus 5 for example). Physical > Virtual > software

Im looking for high end (or top-of-the-line) phone WITH audiojack, and not hostile against rooting / modding manufacturer (warranty) that isn't LG


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Jan 13, 2019
Is there ANY phone that has good lineageOS support and will work with TMobile's VoLTE in the USA? I know we've been warned that our time with 3G is limited.
Thanks for your time.
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May 17, 2018
Choosing a smartphone for yourself or a loved one is no easy task. You can narrow down your choices by analyzing all considerations you need to confidently choose the best phone.
  • Price range
  • The features you need
  • Which operating system do you prefer
  • What are the most important specs
  • Choose a wireless carrier
  • Pick a service plan
Putting in this research upfront can help put a significant amount of money back in your wallet.


Oct 17, 2018
My current phone is a pixel 3a that takes amazing pictures.

For this phone this is my wish list

Dual sim
Amazing photos
Ability to add sd card
Good screen
Decent speaker
Rear fingerprint reader

I live in the US but travel often to central and south America

Price between 200 and 250


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Apr 22, 2014
Im looking for a new device with some specific specs

- no budget limit
- no samsung, NO oneplus
- no amoled (if is the only negative i will can go with this failure)
- 16gb ram
- camera above average is good
- xda support is mandatory
- unlock bootloader without loose warranty
- sd888
- no curved display
- dual sim
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Oct 24, 2020
After having a phone I can't unlock or root and on 16gb storage. I'm looking for one I can do all that with. Really I don't care about the rooting and unlocking much If I have plenty of storage. That's my main issue with this phone. I can spend up to $200 and don't want to buy straight from Cricket again, because they disable everything like recovery and fastboot. LG just seems to keep getting stricter too.

So looking to buy unlocked phone on Ebay not LG and not Cricket, but can be used on Cricket. Thinking about these since I like the way they look. Tell me what is better storage, camera, color, speed etc.. I don't care about the phone size much. I just don't want it too big to put in my pocket (Like new IPhones geeze) or too small.

OnePlus 6T 128GB (Refubished)
Samsung Gallaxy S8 64GB (Refubished)
Xiaomi Redmi 9 or 9C 64GB (New)
Xiaomi Poco M3 64GB (New)

Or is there any other good ones you can think of? I just want a good phone that works good with media and games. That I take good quality pictures, edit those pictures, and have enough storage space for apps.


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Mar 5, 2021
Is The Redmi K30 Ultra Still A Good Buy?

Hey guys, since GMS got blocked on the K30 Ultra not too long ago, I was wondering if I still buy it and just don't update MIUI, will I be good to go or should I just pass on it?

I'm contemplating between the K30 Ultra or the Mi9T. Unfortunately the Mi9T will be around the same price after customs fees, whereas if I buy the K30 Ultra the customs fees will be paid by the delivery company.

Thanks so much awesome people!

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    Looking for a rather cheap phone for my wife who is a bit "tech-illiterate" and picky in terms of phone. She's currently using a Galaxy J3 that we got for free from a friend but the screen is on the verge of fully breaking (screen already has quite a big tear because she dropped the phone one too many times). I considered replacing the screen but the ones I see on aliexpress seem to all have one issue or another so I'd rather spend money on a new cheap but good enough phone:

    Budget: Best around 100 Euro, 200 at max
    Screen: around 5 inch (wife likes the J3 size and would rather go smaller than bigger)

    Small cheap phone that can handle a drop or two but Android shouldn't feel slow. Really only needs to run messengers, make phone calls and do the occasional web surf. Camera isn't that important but would prefer it not be complete trash.

    I had a similar situation right above your post, I ended up taking a Ulefone X8 for 135 from Amazon, shipping included

    check specs on this link, it compares my previous PocoF1 that broke, with 2 cheaper options, also X5 PRO (second in the comparison), is a valuable choice. In my case, I preferred the X8, there are many reviews on youtube to get different opinions

    Country: USA

    Carrier: unlocked/whatever I want.

    Price: no budget no contract.

    Size Preference: I liked the size of the Nexus 5. I have long fingers but don't really like that phones are so huge. It just isn't the most practical option. I've become accustom to the V30+'s size over the Nexus 5, and I'm unsure if I would tolerate the S21 Ultra 5G. Some insight on this would be nice.

    What will it be used for: Mostly wide angle vehicle photography, listening to music via bluetooth (headphone jack is a plus, especially if they do a good job with amping it like LG did with the V30+) and watching youtube/twitch.

    Preferred brands: Anything not from a Chinese company.

    My progression of phones as far as I can remember: Verizon flip phone of some kind (probably got it somewhere around 2004-2006), Motorola i860, Motorola i580, Sidekick ID, LG Rumor 2, LG Optimus Q, LG Nexus 5, LG V30+.

    Other: 128GB or more storage (sd card expansion a plus), 6GB+of RAM, qi charging, battery life at least as good as current phone, fingerprint reader. Notification LED is a YUGE plus.

    I got my phone NEW for $279 and I can currently do a trade-in with Verizon and get an S21 5G, for example, where Verizon counts my phone as worth $350. I want to be able to use the phone on any network, not just on Verizon. As long as I can eventually switch back to ATT if I dislike Verizon, this would be an acceptable route.

    I loved the notification LED on the Nexus 5 and miss it while using my V30+.

    Any kind of stupid thing where they severely destroy the functionality of the phone or there's no way to bootloader unlock/root/flash/etc is not acceptable. I need a device which even if there was some basic level of protections against this has been bypassed.

    I've only ever used fingerprint reader on the V30+. It's on the rear and it works well, but it is a bit annoying that I can't use it if it's being Qi charged.

    A brighter screen than the OLED of whatever brightness the V30+ has is preferred as well as I'm often trying to use the screen outdoors.

    I'd love to find something with real fast charging (wireless and wired) compared to what I have now. I also like Spigen cases but anything similar with a slim design (and maybe a kickstand) are appreciated so if the phone has good cases like those then I'd like it more.
    Check the Sony xperia 5 II.
    I'm in USA , on Verizon and need something that has bootloader unlock and root available, along with a somewhat active root / rom etc. community. Hopefully more active than it was for my V30. Also something released in the last year, below $650, whether new from ebay or straight form vendor.
    I'm currently considering the pixel 5 and 8t. Disappointed neither has micro sd slots, and I loved the audio portion of my V30, V60 I understand for bootloader unlock and root is not an option anymore, correct?

    If any suggestions come through could you provide the exact model of the version that is US compatible with the available bootloader unlock? Thanks
    Main reason why I am not changing phone, is that newer models are always quite long and narrow to hold :/
    Yeah, picked it up today and that was the first thing I noticed. I think that's the way they are all going though, so at some point I might as well accept it. I'd love to keep my old one, it's just so slow and outdated at this point.
    So I actually settled on the OnePlus Nord N10 5G, it seems to have everything I need and I can get it directly from my provider so I can make monthly payments. Picking it up tomorrow, so we'll see if it lives up to my expectations. Thanks for the help everyone!
    Could you share the experience so far??
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    Hi everyone,

    This thread is a continuation of this thread.

    This is here so you can discuss what your next phone/tablet should be, if you're not sure what to pick.

    Also, if you need advice as to which device is better than another, then feel free to ask those questions in here aswell.

    This is an attempt to clear out all the similar threads being created around these forums.

    *NOTE* I will be requesting thread maintenance as and when it is needed, to remove any SPAM comments
    Excellent, I hope this will attract some discussion on new devices so new threads won't be opened.

    I am not looking for a new phone right now, well maybe not depending on the outcome of HTC repairing my Sensation I guess. I sure hope to find out tomorrow. I think if I was going to get a replacement now I would probably get the SGS3 over the OneX. I really don't like the non-removable battery and maybe worse, no SD slot. I know why they did it for economic reasons but I am just not going to go that direction. Batteries do not last forever and their maximum charge level goes down over time. I want to be able to plug the SD into my computer and do a local backup. I also want to be able to get a bigger or faster SD if one comes out.
    I am used to Sense but I am sure I could get used to Touchwiz as well, and I just read in the portal that ROM Cleaner works with the SGS3 now, as long as I can rid of the bloat I am content. I am sure that when my contract is done in a year there will be something newer and better out anyways. ;)
    I would take the Lumina. My girlfriend has one and its pretty good.

    √ HTC Evo 3D GSM
    √ Android JB 4.1.2
    √ Disarmed Toaster
    √ 4EXT Recovery Touch
    √ Anthrax Kernel 3.7.0 @ 1.6ghz
    I hope it does aswell. These forums definitely have too many of those threads being created :rolleyes:

    I think I'd choose the S3 aswell to be honest. Even though the One X is a powerful phone, the S3 can quite easily out perform it, as it can with most phones.

    The only time I'd be looking to upgrade is when mine become redundant, which with having an S2 (which can still keep up with the newest flagship devices) and Xperia S, I won't need to upgrade for a while I don't think.

    Sent from Stephen Hawking's rooted wheelchair
    Never owned a tablet before.. flirting with the idea of a galaxy tab 2 10.1. As of current, I'm all good with my s3 but I'm kinda interested in what this next galaxy note 2 will bring. Guess I'm some sort of galaxy fan.. ever since my vibrant :p

    ---> Brought to you in part by my T999 / T-Mobile Galaxy SIII :)
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