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Mar 26, 2012
Coventry, UK
Hi everyone,

This thread is a continuation of this thread.

This is here so you can discuss what your next phone/tablet should be, if you're not sure what to pick.

Also, if you need advice as to which device is better than another, then feel free to ask those questions in here aswell.

This is an attempt to clear out all the similar threads being created around these forums.

*NOTE* I will be requesting thread maintenance as and when it is needed, to remove any SPAM comments
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Nov 19, 2021
What phone/hardware with 48 or 50MP + optical zoom + good alternative ROM?

Dear XDA community,

right now the situation is like this:

2x Huawai 6P (both LinageOS flashed 1) offline/only for music 2) for actual phoning / sms / signal)

1x S21 Ultra (for good camera)

would like to simplify :)

and reduce on phones

what phone+goodCam+ROM can be recommended?

(camera should be at least 48MP + optical zoom :)

thanks! :)

PS: up to now LinageOS behaves "okayish" on the Nexus (speed + stability https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...nexus-6p-angler.4012099/page-28#post-86013209)

but far from perfect (it boots faster because of FBE but uses more resources than previous versions = slower = can not open too many apps, sometimes need to restart to clean up 3GB of RAM, some times can not take phone calls... !? (it rings but the screen just would not react? too slow?)

PS: also the up to now best music player app found was VLC :D (any recommendations on that?)


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Aug 20, 2021
Hi guys,

So currently I am on an Iphone XR which my brother gave me as a gift a few months back and I am overall pretty happy with my experience, but the battery life just sucks in comparison to my old Poco X3 NFC. I knew that going in because ofc it would be worse since the battery of the Iphone is 2000 mAh smaller but my Poco phone started to glitch and generally not work as well anymore so i took the iphone. Now the thing is, the battery health of the Iphone going in was at 87% and is now at 82%, but i dont think that changing the battery would make a dramatic difference since a friend of mine with a new iphone 12 pro is barely making through a day. So my question is, do you guys think i should try changing the battery at an apple store to see if there is an improvement or should i just get a new phone? If it is the new phone, my budget is only at around 300€ right now so it would probably be an android midranger. Would there be any android midrangers at that pricepoint that can match the soc performance of the iphone?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Aug 4, 2022
Based on the following suggestion by apparently-experienced forumite that I would have a far-higher chance to get a useful answer here, and believing them on their premise — I am cross-linking my ingenious thread therein as a reply here:
Hi, here's XDA's main What Phone thread... maybe some info there:

Addendum/P.S.( new information) In spite of not-insignificant failings of HMD® Global's TA-1325 over realme®'s 2+ years older RMX1801, I am also open to continue using the former if there is some flash/root available which is guaranteed to give me so-called SuperUser option[s] to activate IRNSS( L5-bands only, for the near bka foreseeable future) without avoidable-costs, which excludes stuff like negligible increase in battery-consumption[ — once manufacturer's warranty expires and thereby, the resale value of my phone automatically goes down].
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Apr 6, 2022
Motorola Edge (2021)
Best rugged phone with best cameras? Preferrably at least a fair bit under a $1,000, and verizon carrier support.

My sister does a lot of outdoor work and needs it to last through hell and back.


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Aug 14, 2022
So, right now I'm torn between Poco F4 and Mi 11t Pro.

I'm not much of a mobile gamer, but I do ocasionally get hooked on some games, also, I intent to use some emulators with the new phone, so there's that.

Camera quality is somewhat important, but not THAT big deal.

I'm okay with the other specs of both, since that's the two phones I have narrowed down for choice.

But any suggestions at the same price range are welcome too!


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Jan 17, 2022
I hope I'm where I thought I'm supposed be, I have trouble reading blue on black. I be looking for phones preloaded alternative OS, suggestions anyone.


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Jun 23, 2020
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
I hope I'm where I thought I'm supposed be, I have trouble reading blue on black. I be looking for phones preloaded alternative OS, suggestions anyone.
Samsung has an Accessibility section in its settings. This is from my Note 10+ running on Pie.


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Dec 22, 2014
Looking for phone with:

Headphone jack
90hz refresh minimum
190 grams maximum weight
Custom ROM support
£400 maximum

Was looking at nord ce 2 which is root able but as yet no custom ROMs.


Jun 5, 2022
Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

Must haves:
-unlockable bootloader
-US phone, carrier unlocked
-headphone jack
-can run at least android 11
-Less than 300$ (I am okay with buying refurbished!)

Nice to haves, but not necessary:
-Not big (under 6.1in diagonal)
-fingerprint reader

If it's not listed above, I probably don't care about it.
The only phone I can buy *new* I've found that fits this bill oneplus n200 or n20, with the caveat that they're far bigger than I'd like. Again, I am fine buying refurbished. I'm slightly paranoid about getting a pixel since I don't trust even google's hardware under a custom os, but if that ends up being the best choice then so be it.


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Aug 18, 2022
hi all , please help me,
i am looking for smartphone with :

1. NFC (well the future is now)
2. minimum 4G/ VoLTE
3. Stable OS + app compatibility , not obsolete or compatibility app issue for 4 or 5 year
3. Durability (battery good for minimum 3 years , display durable)

1. not hot
2. light like galaxy S4

i don't care about gaming, benchmark score, ram size, camera quality, storage size, jack port, sd slot, multiple sim , security update

note :
- i never gaming on phone and rarely watch video (youtube /IG/Tiktok/FB/netfilx etc) , only call / chat / banking apps / read news
- not doing flash ROM and another extra work, just buy and it works no issue

thank you very much


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Aug 21, 2022
Looking for that perfect Android phone - does it exist? Features I need + rugged build + fast charging.

These are the features I need:

- Live photo (automatically records 1.5 sec before and after you press the shutter, like on iPhone/Samsung/LG)
- Knock-on option (wake the screen up by double-tapping)
- Edge lighting option (the edge of the screen lights up for notifications)
- AOD with all 3rd party notification icons

Plus, good quality build (no plastic), good camera and fast charging (60W+). 6.6-6.7'' screen.

Samsung S22+ & Google Pixel Pro have all these features, but charge slowly. OnePlus 10 pro charges fast but is missing live photo.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Nokia 1100

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Aug 22, 2022
rooted phones under 80k indian rupees because i need help in deciding and purchasing it and also later root and use a custom rom. Any ideas?
Feb 14, 2021
After 2 years of intensive usage of my oneplus 7t pro, this summer its battery suddently died so I had to replace it, that was imo like the first signal of my phone to tell me hey I need to rest xD
Now I'm looking for another android fully customizable with rom (had lineage installed) to focus mainly on privacy and security, besides the gain on performance and battery and more options to tweak ofc
My first option is the pixel 6 pro but even at second hand it is a bit expensive to me right now, so what other phones do you recommend me?
Thanks in advance


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Im planning to get a lumia 950 (for 180pln so thats around 45usd)
Any better windows phone that can:
run windows 10 mobile
good camera
fast with games/websites
normal screen size
has the time thing when turned off
has the time thing when turned off = always on display

how about an android phone with square home launcher ? besides, windows 10 mobile is dead. you expect games to find there ? also, do tell what means normal screen size. for me, a 6.8 inch smartphone is normal

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    I am a member of the XDA forum for some time now but I've never heard of this thread before :LOL:

    So now I'm looking for a new midrange, but good-performing device and I'll be glad for some suggestions. Here are my requirements:

    (1) Non-Xiaomi. My last two phones were Xiaomi's and I'd really like to try something else finally ;)
    (2) Unlockable, rootable, with working custom recovery (TWRP, OrangeFox) and with good community support. I really depend on root-based modifications and I don't want to fight a battle to root.
    (3) Qualcomm Snapdragon processor from 8.x.x. family. It should give good performance with decent battery life.
    (4) AMOLED screen with more than 60Hz refresh rate, preferably 120 or more.
    (5) Min 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage.
    (6) Decent camera set. Now I own Xiaomi Mi Note 10 which is a beast as for cameras, but it's SoC sucks so much... 😫 Cameras don't have to be top-notch, but main 48 mpx at least and wide angle. Telephoto always welcome 😉
    (7) Price range: 400-500 euros.

    At the moment my favourite is Realme GT Neo 2 (bitra), but I'd like to hear some more from you. Thanks in advance!
    How about samsung s20 ultra? Given that this is a 2 year smartphone and the s23 ultra launches in about 3 weeks, price might drop even further.
    Good evening, gentlemans.

    Atm i have a very straight-forward and simple task, but need an a solid advice from thoose who has much exp.

    What a smartphone to buy (mid-range, no need hi end and todays flagmans) has the BEST SOLID PROOF reputation for:
    - unlocking bl procedure

    - totally easy and comfortable flashing ROMs and stuff in diff host os (win, *nix, self (twrp for exmpl) without dancing and jerking near with super special needs software.

    - rooting: Easy, Total working, absolute.
    -> obtain really full control of device

    can be setted up in the end of a story like totally ungoogled all the ways.

    - support microsd (would be nice atleast >64gb) and usb-OTG.

    - can be obtained worldwide (i mean no ultra special StarWars edition of Xxx for carrier XX at state California, USA)

    <option, would be nice> - can work at 5mhz wifi. ac/ax

    sidenotes: TOTALLY DOESNT MIND AND CARE about camera(s), working nfc option (none would be pref), GPS any kind, sound quality, bluetooth, esim, wireless charging.

    MANDARATORY: not a Xiaomi device!

    I am looking to buy a smartphone that I will occasionally carry into the backcountry. I will use it for reading maps: topo, satellite, etc.
    - long-life battery, 5000 mAh or more
    - 6 GB of RAM or more .... I think .....
    - new or refurbished
    - 5G is optional
    - unlocked, GSM, LTE and ideally CDMA

    Waterproof is not necessary as I have or will procure a waterproof bag/container.

    I drowned my Samsung Galaxy Note IV in the Skeena River, north-central British Columbia, in early July. Don't ask... Wanted to change it for a while as the battery life was far too short and was unable to install a custom ROM.

    My current frustration is that I would ideally like a 6 to 6 1/2 inch / 150 to 165 mm smartphone that is perhaps 3 1/4 inches wide. I cannot find one for the life of me!

    Spec question: How much RAM should I get so I can quickly load and manipulate PDF file topo maps?

    Assuming ~3 inches/76.1 mm is as wide as I can readily find, I think I like the following:

    + The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 3.01 inches wide. Not fond of Samsung bloatware.

    + Motorola One 5G Ace (2021) . 6GB of RAM, 5000 mAh battery, water repellent GSM/CDMA and inexpensive.

    We live in wildfire country, interior British Columbia. I am an old guy and rarely carry a smartphone unless outside the house. I always carry one with me when hiking, x-c skiing, canoeing and fishing in the region.
    Two things to take in consideration :
    1. Low signal quality forces the phone to search for signal even more, thus increased battery usage. Generates heat
    2. The screen, in bright sunlight, needs to have maximum brightness. Generates heat.

    Heat is the enemy of your battery. Most phones have passive cooling. If you also use them in a case and store them in your bag, that does not help with heat. That's where gaming phones are different. They are made to endure heat, in order to provide a good experience even when running with the screen brightness at max. Some of them even have liquid cooling. Unfortunately they are not cheap. So either go for older gaming models or older flagships. Mid-range devices usually skip on all these features in order to cut prices.
    Hi everyone, long time no see, After my Xperia XZ Premium Panel died on me and I can't find in my country (all I can do is order it from Aliexpress and it will arrive after 2 months and also the vibrator is dead) I'm planning to either replace it's panel / touch (even though the phone works fine with pc and touch works too) or I'm planning to buy a used phone in similar budget say...umm 80USD.

    I want maximum video quality and battery standby time, mind you I've only used Sony phones since I was a kid (Sony Ericsson) so the main issue I have with Sony phones is: HEATING PROBLEM specially when recording videos or using hotspot as I live in a hot place, I was planning to buy XZ3 but then I though about asking here first. I don't expect a similar camera like Iphone XII but whatever max I can get in that budget, BTW the new panel for XZ premium is in 34USD.
    What do you guys suggest? Redmi? Realmi? or Some other phone? Thanks in advance.
    wait for the panel. at that price point it would be hard to recommend anything even remotely comparable.
    That's what I want, Is there a fix for camera heat / phone heat, No?
    I might have some suggestions :
    1. Debloating your phone. If you can't, consider using lightweight apps to your normal ones (like Facebook lite instead of Facebook app)
    2. Don't use a case, it keeps all the heat in
    3. Root, flash a custom kernel and underclock it. Underclocking the processor will result in cooler temps.
    4. Use a third party app like gcam. Maybe it will not stress your phone that much.
    5. Consider a gaming cooler (https://global.blackshark.com/products/black-shark-gaming-cooler)
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    Hi everyone,

    This thread is a continuation of this thread.

    This is here so you can discuss what your next phone/tablet should be, if you're not sure what to pick.

    Also, if you need advice as to which device is better than another, then feel free to ask those questions in here aswell.

    This is an attempt to clear out all the similar threads being created around these forums.

    *NOTE* I will be requesting thread maintenance as and when it is needed, to remove any SPAM comments
    Excellent, I hope this will attract some discussion on new devices so new threads won't be opened.

    I am not looking for a new phone right now, well maybe not depending on the outcome of HTC repairing my Sensation I guess. I sure hope to find out tomorrow. I think if I was going to get a replacement now I would probably get the SGS3 over the OneX. I really don't like the non-removable battery and maybe worse, no SD slot. I know why they did it for economic reasons but I am just not going to go that direction. Batteries do not last forever and their maximum charge level goes down over time. I want to be able to plug the SD into my computer and do a local backup. I also want to be able to get a bigger or faster SD if one comes out.
    I am used to Sense but I am sure I could get used to Touchwiz as well, and I just read in the portal that ROM Cleaner works with the SGS3 now, as long as I can rid of the bloat I am content. I am sure that when my contract is done in a year there will be something newer and better out anyways. ;)
    I hope it does aswell. These forums definitely have too many of those threads being created :rolleyes:

    I think I'd choose the S3 aswell to be honest. Even though the One X is a powerful phone, the S3 can quite easily out perform it, as it can with most phones.

    The only time I'd be looking to upgrade is when mine become redundant, which with having an S2 (which can still keep up with the newest flagship devices) and Xperia S, I won't need to upgrade for a while I don't think.

    Sent from Stephen Hawking's rooted wheelchair
    I would take the Lumina. My girlfriend has one and its pretty good.

    √ HTC Evo 3D GSM
    √ Android JB 4.1.2
    √ Disarmed Toaster
    √ 4EXT Recovery Touch
    √ Anthrax Kernel 3.7.0 @ 1.6ghz
    Never owned a tablet before.. flirting with the idea of a galaxy tab 2 10.1. As of current, I'm all good with my s3 but I'm kinda interested in what this next galaxy note 2 will bring. Guess I'm some sort of galaxy fan.. ever since my vibrant :p

    ---> Brought to you in part by my T999 / T-Mobile Galaxy SIII :)