What road to smaller screen / Apps?

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Aug 31, 2010
Hi Guys,

Long time user of Sonys Compact phones here, so I'm custom to small screens and one hand operation of my phone, i HATE that I have to use two hands, and the manufactors thinks that we all loves big screens..

Ok so I bought a Google Pixel 4a, but for me thats also to big.
I have tried to set the display resolution via adb wm Size function, it works like a sharm, but the phone centeres the display, and google have for some reason removed the overscan function i version11, so I cant set the display to be on the bottom. "damn you google" :D

I have also tried the Quick cursor app, but its so slow to use all the time.

Then a thought, is there a way to force all apps only to be X pixels high, and fixed at the bottom of the screen? I dont want to ever reach over a certain point of my screen.

Or is there another way to solve my problem?

We are seeing our selfs as a smart race, but creates devices that needs two hands to operate?! jeezzee :D

PS. No root options wanted.

Kind regards
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