What speed and/or Class card do you use for your memory card?

What speed and/or Class card do you use in your mobile device?

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Jan 19, 2010
Damn, no model numbers :(
U serious? its hard enough getting dudes to post full benchmarks, let alone a microscopic 20 digit hexadecimal code as well! And even then, as you have found, you can't get the code off a potential seller beforehand anyway.

EDIT: and that post has been maintained for almost 6 months now, and look, I've got a whopping 30 results (and about 8 of them are my results from my own cards). Seems everyone wants to know this info before they buy, and then are like meh whatever (until its time to upgrade - rinse/repeat).

Unfortunately there is no middle ground in microSD cards right now. Cards are either good at sequential and very vey sucky at random. Or good at random and not quite as good at sequential.

So just buy whichever one for what you think you will use more of.

In my case, coupled with the in-phone benchmark results, I can see that sequential write speed is not important, so I will go with random writes (ie. Sandisk 32GB).

If I was going to use the card in a digital SLR, I'd get one with good sequential writes (ie. Lexar).

If I wanted one to do both, I'd still get the Sandisk, since its only half the sequential speed, and so is still good enough for most cameras. Whereas the Lexar is gonna suck balls if I try to run apps2sd or a live ROM/CD off it.
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Oct 28, 2009
Getting the SDSDQM-032G-B35N from provantage (like suggested) shows 30 bucks in shipping charges for a damn microSDHC card. Id get it from there but its impossible.

Anyother worldwide shippers?

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    The best cards to generally use in cell phones is a class 2 or 4. Many class 6 may perform well, too. There may even be class 10 cards that don't sacrifice that random access speeds. Quality and brand are generally much more important than class to get good access speeds and random read/write speeds.
    Hey zarathustrax, I'm maintaining a microSD benchmark results thread and we have quite a few results now, and it backs up everything you are saying. The 32GB Class2 Sandisk (when it was available) owns everything on random writes. Followed by the 32 Class4 Sandisk.

    By comparison, a 32GB Class10 Lexar is benching 350 times slower for random writes than the Sandisk. And yet only offers a doubling of sequential write speed.

    Additionally, I maintain an in-phone microSD benchmark thread too. But the results are pretty much cached out by whatever ROM you are running on your phone. So slow cards become much faster, and fast cards become much slower. In the end we found that all cards were performing at around the same speeds. Its only when you changed ROMs would you see a change in in-phone card speed.

    Out of phone benchmark link...

    In-phone benchmark link...