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What *TABLET* should I buy next?

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Dec 22, 2011
There's lots of discussion of phones, but I'm looking for a tablet as a living room second screen. I'd like
* Minimal vendor cruftware
* Mid sized -- 10" is probably as big as I'd want it to be
* Reasonable price
* Android version no older than Oreo
* Cell modem not needed, strictly Wi-Fi
* MicroSD slot -- can't stream when you're on a plane

I had an old Samsung that I'd bought extremely cheaply from Woot, but could never stand the unremovable apps and the lack of Android upgrades (yes, I know, I could have rooted it), lost it on vacation (either I left it on the plane, or it was lifted from my hotel room).

Expected tasks: vacation media player, web browsing, light gaming