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What was the first phone you ever used?

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Senior Member
Sep 18, 2009
Digital Domain
I had an Audiovox bag phone from Cellular One (AT&T) that came with a kit that would turn it into a car phone also. This was around 1989/1990 and texting was brand new. Back then a monthly plan was about $40 and only gave you about 35 minutes of talk time. The original idea behind texting was so that people could save minutes on their talk time. If you went over your minutes it was $0.35 a minute for peak air time and 15 cents a minute for off-peak. Who knew that texting would become so popular in itself??

Back then owning a cellular device was a sign of affluence and success. Now when I see an 8-year kid on a skateboard talking on a cell phone, well..............


New member
Jul 19, 2021
It was a big blue mobile phone with tiny screen and anthena. I even don't remember the nameof it. It seemed to me it was siemens, butthere is no such one in google lol :rolleyes:


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Dec 14, 2012
Samsung A177 was my first phone.

First Android was an LG Thrive, but I bricked it a week in by flashing a Phoenix KDZ. Sad.

First Android I actually got some legitimate usage out of was an LG L35G. Total piece of junk, but I loved how small it was

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