General What you need to know before you buy the N20 From T Mobile.

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Aug 31, 2022
Moto G 5G
Coming out the factory there are two variants of the N20 one variant has a seven digit serial number which is a factory defect ,the other variant is the flawless eight digit serial number variant.

To unlock bootloader using the unlock Bootloader OnePlus website. The form ask for your eight digit serial number of your N20.

But of course if you have the seven digit variant. You won't be able to get the unlock token using the standard method.

If you're buying your phone from T-Mobile in store check the about phone section of the phone and see if you have seven or eight digits.

At this point you decide if you want the the seven digits or the eight digits variant.

Pros and cons of each variant.

7 digit variant
Pros: possible to unlock bootloader before the 45 day requirement.
Possible to unlock bootloader while still being carrier locked and haven't met the minimum payment pay off if financed

Cons: to get unlock token you need to chat with a 1 + tech in the chat room on the OnePlus website and convince him or her to email you an unlock token .you might be denied the first few times but if you keep trying you would eventually find an agent that would do what you need.

Cons: there is no guarantee that you will get an unlock token. At least two of us on this forum with the seven digit variant was able to get an unlocked token.

8 digit variant:
Pros: to get unlocked token is guaranteed.

Cons: must wait 45 days and have device paid off and carrier unlocked