What's your job?

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Mar 6, 2013
FireMan in the house :p

سبحان الله وبحمده .. سبحان الله العظيم
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    sounds like a great job :D

    Ehh, not so much when they are on a cow.lol

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    I work at second hand store :)

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    Sell the rest of the clock, and you got yourself a customer.:good:
    Factory work. I set and repair tooling for CNC machines. Auto Parts maker for the Big Three. Well liked by fellow workers, not so much by the higher ups :laugh:

    I tend to be a joker, chatty cathy. The best fun yet has been playing a few seconds from a porn clip over the factory PA system. Drives the supervisors nuts !!!!

    Only 10 people know what the clip is, the rest think it's a duck.
    I feel you!! I also got my ba in business administration! The sad part is no one wants me! They told me, im over qualified! Lol!!! Anyways that was a while back. So I major in something else! Now im making good money!

    Btw, what university did you go to for your business administration ? I went to cal state fullerton.
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    I know how that is, every place I interviewed with told me I was over qualified. One even told me I was way too smart for him :rolleyes: and feared for his job. Wtf?

    I do love this job though, for several reasons.

    I'm still paying on my Student loans right now, so I probably won't be going back for a bit. I graduated from Wright State University.

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    Thought it would be cool to see everyones jobs and such. Talk about what you do and also post if you have a degree or something as well...

    2yr AS in Criminal Justice.
    Work security at a construction site. Cake job.
    Have 3 months left in the police academy and I plan on going into law enforcement.

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    i hope your a good cop bc there arent many that are not complete assholes :p i know im a medic for an ambulance service and i dont think they understand that they may need us one day and THEN my turn! :eek:
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