Whatsapp - any way to backup to HTML?

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Senior Member
Oct 21, 2013
New Delhi
Hi, is there a way to (batch) convert all conversations on whatsapp to HTML and csv files? Most 3rd party apps online seems to use some way to install an 'old' version of whatsapp to do this and that gets me banned temporarily from Whatsapp.

I basically want to uninstall Whatsapp and not use it anymore. But I have years of important conversations (many of which I may need to refer to for work etc), and I want to keep them all on my computer in a searchable format. HTML is optimum as it would presumably preserve the look and feel of the chats. CSV could also be good in terms of efficiency of searching.

Jan 17, 2015
I am having the same issue and it drives me insane! Ideally, I would like my messages and my attachments to be accessible in a convenient format for the future.

All I found is backuptrans, but I haven't tried it. People (on here) say it is legit in terms of "getting the job done" but I am generally suspicious of companies that hide their whois record behind a shell corporation and don't provide business contact details.

Cheers, JD
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