Whatsapp keeps stopping when connected to Internet

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Jan 20, 2022
Hi guys,

I am facing a weird issue with my Whatsapp as mentioned in the title. The Whatsapp keep stopping/force close when connected to the internet (either by WIFI or mobile data).
I have a LG V20, Nougat with latest version of Whatsapp installed. It was all good until a few days ago Whatsapp showed the error message "Unfortunately Whatsapp has stopped". It gave the options to open the app again or send feedback. When clicked on open app again, Whatsapp opened for a split second then showed the message " Whatsapp keeps stopping" and gave the options of close the app or send feedback. When opened Whatsapp again, it force closed and keep repeating the same error.

I did not update my phone nor done anything to it. I have the latest Whatsapp version installed before the error occurred. However, about 2 days before the error occurred, I did remove and re-add Google account. I don't think that would cause Whatsapp error as I don't register Whatsapp through Google account and during those 2 days Whatsapp was operating normally. I don't do backup to Google drive, all backups were done locally on phone.

I have done almost all necessary solutions to fix the error but none of them work. I have:
1. restarted the phone
2. rebooted the phone into safe mode
3. cleared cache and data of Whatsapp
4. uninstalled and reinstalled Whatsapp from Google play store
5. uninstalled and reinstalled Whatsapp from Whatsapp's official website

None of the above works. The Whatsapp will force close when the phone is connected to internet. Until recently I noticed that, when the phone is totally disconnected from internet, Whatsapp can be opened normally. With the Whatsapp opened and I connect the phone to internet, it immediately show the error and force close. How strange is that?
So now, I only can type messages in offline mode and press send before connect the phone to internet. The messages can be sent out by keep opening Whatsapp repeatedly. Incoming messages are delayed and no notification at all, I have to periodically keep re-open the Whatsapp to check for new messages. When there are new messages I have to read them in offline mode. This is so frustrating.

I googled and the only one came to this:

They seemed to have same problem (with different phones) with me and no solution.
In the mean time, I am also contacting Whatsapp support team, but their replies so far did not answer my problem.

Any solution to this weird issue would be very much appreciated.
Thank you