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Whatsapp server side upgrade from last night - all data moved to android/media/com.whatsapp folder from /internalstorage/whatsapp

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New member
Jun 18, 2021
since last night I cannot access any of my photos, videos, voice recordings, stickers etc in the whatsapp app.
I've noticed that a new folder was created under /android/med/whatsapp.com, but only tiny bit of the files was moved there.
Ther rest still stays in the older location /internal storage/whatsapp. But whatsapp does not take info from these folders and it looks like it's all empty.

What I've tried so far - move a few gfiles to the new location - still whatsapp app claims there are no photos or videos to be shown (although I moved them to the new location).

Tried to backup to to google drive and restore - I get an error.
I know that it's caused due to android API 30 on android 11 and up - apps can access only their own folders, but it seems like the migration on whatsapp's part was horrible.
I have friends with the same situation but with a few files. My whatsapp back is around 39 GB.

Anyone found a solution yet? I contacted whatsapp support with no feedback so far.


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