When LG will release global android P update for LG G7thinq.

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Apr 30, 2018
I'm not too happy about pie for 2 reasons...

- New notifications, too many gets minimized, I'm not a causal user that get's 1000 of notifications, those that I get I want availible

- Broke every single Third party app that fixes LG's laziness with software features, like Fingerprint gesture, raise/lift to wake

On the other hand it feels much snappier, better battery life and a proper Gcam port.

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    Groovy imo just whine and blaming LG, Sprint etc. because of his mistakes. He didn't make proper research and now spits "venom" and he's blaming everyone for his wrong choices.
    Groovy, stop whining, stop acting like a kid, take full responsibility for your actions. You made wrong choice, because you didn't gather proper information about device and carrier.
    Just stop writing how much you hate lg, because i wanna vomit reading your whine 100 times about the same.
    I know that LG isn't perfect company. They have great hardware, but update timing sucks dong. I don't know why they made bootloader unlockable just for few devices, not all, but that's why i bought EM device.
    Wise consument should buy product, which meets his expectations. And there will be no whine.
    Sorry, but i must throw that from myself. Maybe you will think about it... Or not.
    I will not write in this topic anymore. I said what i wanted.
    Best regards
    Guys, there is nothing to be worried about or even nervous/angry.
    I had plenty of LG phones in the past, there was always problems with updates, sometimes LG delivers very quickly, sometimes they didn't even trying to do so.

    I had LG G Flex 2, which was a great phone of it's time, it was updated pretty quickly to 5.1.1 from 5.0.1 but after that I had to wait a loooooooong time to receive 6.0 - when LG G4 was updated and everybody forgot about it - both phones were flagships at that time, but LG did everything in favor of G4 back then.
    Same situation in regard to LG G5, when LG G6 was running on Oreo for months, users of G5 (which is technically very similiar to G6, same CPU etc.) were waiting, most people lost their faith in this case, but LG delivered, very laaaate but it still count.

    I've got no worries that this time LG will bring us new firmware and I'm patient enough to wait for it.
    LG UI and functions are more or less the same or similiar between versions, I've got LG G5 with Oreo and older LG UX compared to G7 and it look and work almost the same (ofc G7 is more complex in functionality but this is not big difference).

    So even if we receive Pie there will be zero-to-none in regards of new functions and look. New FW will push some numbers higher.
    So why they didn't update? I think they're just waiting for global shipping of G8 and maybe then they will roll out new update for everyone.
    Maybe not the best update terms, far behind of what Sony doing - but still what does Pie change or do what Oreo doesn't? Probably nothing ;)

    PS: Whining around about LG in my opinion is (trying to be gently now) is stupid or even retarted - because nothing changed in LG at all for at least few years.
    Everybody knows how it works, everyone is aware of that - then why complaining? If that bother you, then abandon LG ship and (mostly) never come back.

    There is plenty of phones and companies with better support like Sony, Samsung, pick it whatever you want.
    LG never was a company with good software support.
    You can always buy Apple :laugh:
    This is a great phone for the price. The best audio ever.
    So chill, you will have pie. Or you can flash the pie kdz. Or you can root and flash AOSP pie .
    You have so many choices and you just wait and blame LG.
    XDA is for people who want to tinker with their phones .

    You should have been on the stage where LG CEO announced the update center to deliver software updates to tell potential customers like me and others to buy Apple. I spent my money and it's my right to curse LG if they are not delivering.

    This post is under Guides, News, and Discussions and it seems like we are not breaking any rules. Also, LG is pretty bad with open source community, so there is nothing to tinker around LG phones and thus we discuss.
    Lg announced that they will release android Pie globally by march end. March end is near and still we haven't receive any Global beta

    They havent specified the year xD
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