When will developers be forced to update to biometric API for apps?


Feb 22, 2010
Hello all.

Hopefully this question makes sense - basically I have a banking app that despite having months and months can't be bothered to update the app to use the face unlock on my pixel 4. Meaning I have to put a pin in every time.

My background knowledge/context for asking this question:

- it's my understanding that Starling bank must be using the old API which was just for fingerprint login.
- they need to update to the newer, all-in-one biometric login API which covers both fingerprint and face unlock.
- if they don't bother, then eventually they will be forced to update the API anyway as apps need to be on minimum API levels anyway.

Apologies if my understanding is clunky or not quite accurate - i'm not a developer. However, am I generally on the right lines? And therefore if so, assuming Starling Bank can't be bothered to update their banking app until they're forced to, when will that point be?

Will my Pixel 4 still be in use by that point, or will Google be on the Pixel 27 by then?