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Nov 26, 2011
Colombo,Sri Lanka

WhenDidI is a powerful fully configurable personnel events tracker. It has a modern Holo interface with widget support, backup capabilities to your local SD card and Dropbox, and full range of functions to easily manage and analyse your events. You can even send your events list by email through the Androids share facility.
Here's what the press say.
** Reviews **
"I also like the app’s simple and easy to use user interface"
"All in all, if you are the type of person who likes keeping a good record of life, then WhenDidI is the app for you."
Some examples on what you could set up WhenDidI to track are
- How many calories you consumed
- How many pints of alcohol drank
- Cost of lunch per day
- When you last feed the baby
- Time spent in the gyn
WhenDidI has a number of activities to help organise, manage, view and analyse your events, and are accessible from the main screen.
Each event you enter belongs to a particular category. You manage all your categoriesi here. Note, to edit a category long press on it. To view the events for a category click on it.
Manage and view the all the events you entered here. Events can be added, deleted and modified.
Gathers statistics for an event category. Shows daily, weekly, monthly averages and totals for quantities and cost. Note, long clicking on a row brings up more details about that particular period.
Shows summary information for an event category such as the cost and quantity averages, totals and the largest and smallest values. Days since you last did that event and the average time between events.
You can add and define new measurements here. These are used for events that collect quantity information. Note, that time is considered to be a quantity.
This activity shows similar information to the statistics activity, but in graphical format. The latest events are shown first and you can scroll to older events.
** Features **
Fully customizable
Unlimited Topics
Unlimited Measurements
Can add notes to events
Statistics on your events
Share your events via email as csv attachment
Holo look on 2.2 android phones
Multiple home screen widgets
Backup to local SD storage and Dropbox
Graphical view of your events with charts
** Required Permissions **
Write external Storage - this is needed to backup your data to your internal SD card
Internet - for saving to Dropbox
** Trial Version **
Note the Trial (Lite) version allows you to have up to 31 events, which is enough for a months worth if you are entering one event a day. If you want unlimited events, upgrade to the full version. When upgrading to the full version, you can transfer your data using the following steps.
1. On the main screen of the Lite version version, click on the menu.
2. Press on backup local.
3. You data will be stored in local storage.
4. Start the full version of WhenDidI.
5. Click on the menu and press backup local.
6. Click on restore local (be careful not to click on backup local)
7. The full version of WhenDidI should now have the data you gathered with the Trial version.


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