Question Where to buy the Mi 11 Ultra?

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Mar 3, 2010
Don't hold out for any discounts. There are component shortages impacting every company including Apple, Ford etc... Xiaomi has no need to discount anything while parts are constrained and demand is high.
There's already been price drops in their main markets, it'll be a steady plummet in the coming months. Xiaomi absolutely need to discount as this end of the price scale isn't their market. They might want a cut of it, but their audience isn't luxury focused. They want best tech for the lowest price.

Just can't imagine any customer walking into a store or shopping online and then thinking about the global market or cares that there's shortages of components, and even if they did that's not going to make them pay more when an equivalent product like the S21 Ultra is vastly cheaper already.

I reckon £950 in July and in white for the Mi 11 Ultra.


Jan 4, 2011
Hi ,

I received my phone yesterday, it arrived very well packaged and with a gift. It took about 20 days to arrive in France.

It works really well, the only point that surprises me is the brightness that I find quite low even set to maximum.

All my applications work normally even the bank applications.

If someone has a question, I can answer it


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Jun 10, 2010
Ordered the global version off of WondaMobile on April 30th, i paid for the premium shipping. Left Hong Kong on May 4th, and was delivered to my doorstep by May 6th. (I'm in USA)

Honestly I'm impressed. Giztop took over 10 days just to ship my order.

After having botht he Chinese model & the Global model, I've noticed that on the Chinese model my signal said 5G but when I would run a SpeedTest it said LTE. (Tmobile). However when I put my sim in the Global model it says LTE and I've noticed my speeds are a bit slower. Perhaps there's some hidden menu or settings I need to tweak.


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  • Jan 11, 2020
    Ordered the global version off of WondaMobile on April 30th, i paid for the premium shipping. Left Hong Kong on May 4th, and was delivered to my doorstep by May 6th. (I'm in USA)

    Honestly I'm impressed. Giztop took over 10 days just to ship my order.
    Aw damn I will have to wait some time then :(


    Senior Member
    Jun 10, 2010
    Aw damn I will have to wait some time then :(
    Yeah I think I emailed Giztop by like day 6-7 asking what was up, and they responded about 4 days later saying they were about to ship it. I also ordered a case and screen protector off there on 4/29 and it just shipped out yesterday.

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      Just received my Global Mi 11 Ultra from Giztop a few minutes ago and I can confirm it is the Global Version.
      Screenshot 2021-05-21 112404.png
      Where did you buy yours?
      I bought it from wondamobile when it was available for a short time. It's out of stock right now.

      And I bought a second one (also global version) over Aliexpress.. It should be delivered at the end of the week. It's in france right now and final destination is germany.
      Wondamobile was muuuch faster. 🙂
      it's okay I guess, but doesn't seem very 'sturdy'. Although the fact that it doesn't make the phone too bulky, is good. And weighs only 20g
      Have the same case + camera protector. Case is fine, but I don't like the camera protector. Think it changes the quality of the pictures a bit when against light. Thought it's cut around the lenses (at least on the pic in their site was like that). Decided to buy some metal frame from Aliexpress that is cut around them.
      I think you were looking at the wrong post this is what I bought.
      Also read this. View attachment 5311151
      That's the one. Global Rom, not global variant. I queried this several times with them.

      Read further down, no charger in the box. One is included as a "free gift" and they couldn't confirm CE mark either as per true global variant.

      Not to mention that Global 12.5 for the Ultra is not yet released.

      When it arrives, please update us as I didn't order due to so many red flags.
      I'm very confused, and probably not just me.
      This picture is from giztop link above.

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      got my phone today
      Got my Mi 11 Ultra through from Wondamobile today. Dispatched last Friday, received this morning (with a one day delay in Paris).

      For anyone interested in how the Chinese version (from Wonda) is:
      1. Google Play was indeed preinstalled
      2. Not much bloatware - 5-7 apps that I don't want / are in Chinese
      3. Already set to English language. Some Chinese characters on default keyboard, but I switched to SwiftKey, eliminating that
      4. Only Chinese element that I can't change is the search screen
      5. Google Pay / Banking Apps / Netflix etc... etc... seem to work perfectly (although I haven't paid for anything with GPay yet)
      6. Firmware wasn't the latest but updated to new version (which appeared to enable the rear screen viewfinder feature)
      Search function being in Chinese is the *only* annoyance of the Chinese version for me so far. Didn't realise the Chinese ROM would be this liveable with.
      ho pagato in giro 160$
      Guys if everybody starts speaking a different language then we got a problem here. I could speak german with some people here too but I don't cause not everybody speaks it.
      lucky you! how is it on T-Mobile in the US? my concern was the lack of band 66, but has it been an issue? do you notice slower speeds with the 11 ultra?
      Broo forget about 66 !!! Is old band. Im getting 5G everywhere. I repeat lmao everywhere. In bad reception area I'm getting LTE with better speed than Snapdragon 865 Plus lool
      Im on TMobile US.
      Got my one ! Chinese variant on US Tmobile !
      Lmao all the time 5G. I was worry about it pfff
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