Question Where to buy the Mi 11 Ultra?

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Jun 24, 2014
Well they don't have very good prices tbh. I mean they're alright but yeah... Is their shipping method via eu reshipping? Aka EU priority line shipping?
Really? I thought they had better prices than gizmo and trading schenzen*.

They ship directly not drop shipping.. Their shipping method varies depending on which country they even offer DHL shipping


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Jun 10, 2010
I just posted my second GLOBAL version on swappa if anyone is interested. Obviously trying to recoup some swappa and PayPal cuts


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Dec 8, 2006
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
Still waiting on mine - ordered from Wonda on 6 May and have a tracking number to be delivered (London) by midday today. Unfortunately, FedEx tracking show it has been at Chek Lap Kok airport in HK for a couple of days. Can't see it arriving in the next 23 minutes.....!!!
Just in case anyone else is thinking of ordering from Wonda. My CN 12/256 has now been at Paris airport since Tuesday (the day it was supposed to be delivered to London). No update for delivery at the moment and no update for when it might leave France! Wonda have refunded the 'Smooth Delivery' payment and say that the delay is due to a backlog of items (although didn't mention this on the website when I purchased).

I have used Wonda before and was impressed with their speed of communication - and to be fair that is the same now. Just if you want the CN version in a hurry, this may not be the way to go at the moment.


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Sep 26, 2010
I have a similar issue with Aliexpress statiting this backlog when arrived to UK (London). Weird is that if I update the traking page this message disappears


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Dec 8, 2006
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
It is so frustrating. I of course understand that there is a pandemic on - but that has been going for a little while now and so many companies have been able to adjust. Not even to be able to give a revised delivery date is very annoying


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  • Jan 11, 2020
    My last delivery hung around in Roissy CDG for a while, then suddenly it was loaded onto a plane at 4.24am and arrived at my door in London 7 hours later.
    Well mine is stuck with the status mentioned about for about 3 days. As I said I assume it's waiting to get booked onto a plane or something


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    May 7, 2021
    lol, you think yours is bad, mines been returned to sender :mad::rolleyes::rolleyes:



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    Nov 26, 2011
    It is so frustrating. I of course understand that there is a pandemic on - but that has been going for a little while now and so many companies have been able to adjust. Not even to be able to give a revised delivery date is very annoying
    You should probably blame Brexit for it, not the pandemic.
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      Just received my Global Mi 11 Ultra from Giztop a few minutes ago and I can confirm it is the Global Version.
      Screenshot 2021-05-21 112404.png
      We shall see in a few days I'll have mine by Friday then I'll be able to tell you officially if it's a lie or not. I still have faith just because I've ordered other stuff from them with no issue. Either way they are out of stock now so people would have to wait even if it is real. 😅
      I hope it is official and they just had the spec wrong. I have ordered from them before too and it's been fine. You will know as soon as you get it as it will have the CE logo on back .
      @SlyUK, @yquitumadbro, @RX1337, can you please use or start another thread for talking about MIUI? This thread is about where to buy the phone. Keep it clean, please.
      I got a question of my own: has anyone ordered anything on Giztop? Phone, case, accessory, doesn't matter. If you have, did you get a tracking number?
      I ordered a Nillkin case and a protector for the camera, but I haven't received a tracking number or anything. Just the order confirmation (over a week ago). I contacted Giztop but they haven't responded yet... I wonder if they shipped it

      I ordered the Nilikin case, screen protectors and the wireless charger.....I made an order on the 7th of May and I got a tracking on the 14th, took a while to clear customs but the package is still in Hong Kong, maybe the courier hasnt updated but im pretty sure its moving. Will keep you posted once I receive it.
      Germany have preorders Ultra with Mi Scooter 1S bonus
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      got my phone today
      Got my Mi 11 Ultra through from Wondamobile today. Dispatched last Friday, received this morning (with a one day delay in Paris).

      For anyone interested in how the Chinese version (from Wonda) is:
      1. Google Play was indeed preinstalled
      2. Not much bloatware - 5-7 apps that I don't want / are in Chinese
      3. Already set to English language. Some Chinese characters on default keyboard, but I switched to SwiftKey, eliminating that
      4. Only Chinese element that I can't change is the search screen
      5. Google Pay / Banking Apps / Netflix etc... etc... seem to work perfectly (although I haven't paid for anything with GPay yet)
      6. Firmware wasn't the latest but updated to new version (which appeared to enable the rear screen viewfinder feature)
      Search function being in Chinese is the *only* annoyance of the Chinese version for me so far. Didn't realise the Chinese ROM would be this liveable with.
      ho pagato in giro 160$
      Guys if everybody starts speaking a different language then we got a problem here. I could speak german with some people here too but I don't cause not everybody speaks it.
      lucky you! how is it on T-Mobile in the US? my concern was the lack of band 66, but has it been an issue? do you notice slower speeds with the 11 ultra?
      Broo forget about 66 !!! Is old band. Im getting 5G everywhere. I repeat lmao everywhere. In bad reception area I'm getting LTE with better speed than Snapdragon 865 Plus lool
      Im on TMobile US.
      Got my one ! Chinese variant on US Tmobile !
      Lmao all the time 5G. I was worry about it pfff