Question Where to buy the Mi 11 Ultra?

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Sep 12, 2006
Brooklyn, NY
If anyone in the US is interested in a Mi 11 Ultra, I may be selling mine in another week or two.
My config is:
512GB / 12GB / Marble / Unlocked bootloader with 12.5.17 rom / few minor scratches on the screen, nothing too noticeable / few scratches around the charging port which this phone always gets / gel screen protector for the front / glass screen protector for the cameras / clear/white cf skin for the back, but you still see the beautiful marble design / 3 cases / with original power brick.
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Jan 10, 2022
Hi. Just got mine today. Phone looks ok, but the box looks fishy. Someone know why there is a gap between the leters in Ultra name.


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Jan 24, 2018
Yeah, so now I'm actually thinking about a Mi 11 Ultra, but preinstalled EU ROM. I'm assuming google pay, banking apps, and all Google services work properly with it, correct?

This is the note from tradingszenzhen:

"XIAOMI.EU Firmware (unlocked) = Saftynet Passed + manual Updates + Widevine Level 1

GLOBAL Firmware (unlocked) = Saftynet Failed + OTA Updates + Widevine Level 1 !NO GOOGLE PAY"

The manual updates I guess kind of sucks. I also split my time in the US, so I don't know if there's a way to activate band 66 with the EU ROM because I'm not going to reflash.


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Nov 27, 2007
Brean, Somerset
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
EU ROM works fine. GPay, banks, Netflix all work ok. Updates via fastboot is simple and easy. Can't help you about band 66. I don't think anyone has managed to enable any extra bands, even with root but I would hope someone from us is reading and can answer.


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Jul 17, 2015
I ordered mine from Giztop. It was the Chinese version. Giztop had the lowest price and fantastic service. All these outfits are located in Hong Kong, so when they sell you the phone they have to get it first from mainland China (Shenzhen). That's what takes the most time, Once they get it from the mainland, shipping with DHL takes about a week to 10 days. I prefer the rom. It's based on the China, which is always ahead of the Global and EEA roms, version and feature wise. All Google services are baked in and working flawlessly. Updates are quite simple since there's no TWRP for MIUI 13/Android12 yet. You merely download the ROM to your PC and unzip it, give it permission (Windows), then place your phone in Fastboot and connect it to your PC via USB and run the script. There are scripts there for Windows, Linux and Apple (Mac). Shenzhen is currently on lockdown due to COVID-19. So the process will take longer depending on how long their lockdown lasts.

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    got my phone today
    Got my Mi 11 Ultra through from Wondamobile today. Dispatched last Friday, received this morning (with a one day delay in Paris).

    For anyone interested in how the Chinese version (from Wonda) is:
    1. Google Play was indeed preinstalled
    2. Not much bloatware - 5-7 apps that I don't want / are in Chinese
    3. Already set to English language. Some Chinese characters on default keyboard, but I switched to SwiftKey, eliminating that
    4. Only Chinese element that I can't change is the search screen
    5. Google Pay / Banking Apps / Netflix etc... etc... seem to work perfectly (although I haven't paid for anything with GPay yet)
    6. Firmware wasn't the latest but updated to new version (which appeared to enable the rear screen viewfinder feature)
    Search function being in Chinese is the *only* annoyance of the Chinese version for me so far. Didn't realise the Chinese ROM would be this liveable with.
    ho pagato in giro 160$
    Guys if everybody starts speaking a different language then we got a problem here. I could speak german with some people here too but I don't cause not everybody speaks it.
    lucky you! how is it on T-Mobile in the US? my concern was the lack of band 66, but has it been an issue? do you notice slower speeds with the 11 ultra?
    Broo forget about 66 !!! Is old band. Im getting 5G everywhere. I repeat lmao everywhere. In bad reception area I'm getting LTE with better speed than Snapdragon 865 Plus lool
    Im on TMobile US.
    Got my one ! Chinese variant on US Tmobile !
    Lmao all the time 5G. I was worry about it pfff