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Which Custom Rom for the best Pixel like experience?

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Feb 8, 2012
Xiaomi Mi 9

I hop you can help out. :)

I got realy tired if MIUI and it's heavy weight "souvenirs", therefore i'd like to install a Custom Rom to get the closest pixel like experience possible. I saw the Pixel Experience ROM which seems to have been abandoned by it's creator. A case which i would realy like to avoid.

On my Galaxy S4 Back in the days I realy liked Lineage OS, because it was clean and pretty well maintained.

What rom can you recommend me that is:

  • well maintained
  • as close to a pixel experience as possible

Realy looking forward to your recommendations! :)

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New member
Apr 9, 2014
I'm on Project 404 now (with FlameGapps) and it's the best in terms of battery life and pixel experience. I recommend also Paranoid Android.
Unfortunately PE Plus has a lot of battery drain.