Which firmware/Where to download/Best version for buttons?

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Feb 12, 2015
I hope somebody who's versed in U12+ variants and firmware can answer a few questions for me.

I just received a "new" (with broken seal) U12+ with CID HTC__059 and Oreo firmware 1.25.400.3. Fastboot getvar all says it's a imedugl variant -- Asian? (India.) I'm in the USA, travel a lot and vacation in the Caribbean at least once a year. I will root the phone once I get it firmware-stable.


1. Will I have to worry about CID 059 / SKU 400 working on a (US) T-Mobile mvno? If 059 is a problem, which other region(s) would be better?

2. For North American or European, which has the best availability of Oreo firmware? The only Oreo I can find for 617 is https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=674106145207492637]here on AFH, but I don't know what the "combined" means in that filename. Any other places to get 617 fw?

3. Relating to https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=281261]other U12+ firmware on AFH, is there any notable difference between Imagine and Exodus firmware? Both are listed in the 401 DUGL folder.

4. And what is the difference between 401 DUGL and 401 UHL firmware? (Nvm, I already knew that. I have a DUGL dual SIM model.)

4. Last but not least, is there any firmware I should avoid as problematic concerning the Volume buttons?

As for the spreadsheet mentioned in several places on XDA, like the one I have for the U11 -- the google download link is broken, can't find that spreadsheet anywhere.

TIA to whoever can help however!
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