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Which iPod was the best iPod?

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Despite what most people might assume, Apple still sells iPods on apple.com. While the demand for iPods has obviously plummeted since smartphones and streaming took over, the iPod is still an entryway into the iOS ecosystem for many people. Today, you can get an iPod touch from apple.com, with a dated design, average specs, and six different colors. At a starting price of $199, the iPod touch is still the most affordable way to get an iOS device.

Looking back on the collection of iPods released throughout the years, we probably all have a favorite that was our music companion for a good chunk of time. For me, this was the 1st gen iPod mini. The click wheel was the perfect interface for music controls. You never needed to type or search anything. You could get to any track you wanted to listen to, very quickly. Even though this device didn't even have a color screen, and could only fit about 4GB of music, it was the best way to listen to music. I'd love to see a new dedicated music player in this syle, return at some point.

What iPod was your favorite? What features would you like to see in future iPods?


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Apr 5, 2019
Thought were referring classic iPod
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Aug 31, 2021
Good 'ole days... I remember having an iPod in high school (the touch screen one) and my mom had the classic iPods when I was in elementary. I can distinctly remember a sky-blue colored one... My iPod was the definition of my academic life. I'd just store all my music and use the camera to snap photos of notes and other school-related stuff and I wasn't pressured to text anyone back... because I couldn't. Ah, simpler times.

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